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Town Square’s unique locations are built with a floor-to-ceiling aesthetic replicating 1950s small-town America. Each of our activity spaces, or storefronts, represents a different gathering space where people made memories in the middle of the last century in a typical town. From decor elements to background music to the physical objects incorporated in our activities, our nostalgic design invites our members to laugh, converse, participate, and remember together right away.

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Spending the Day at Town Square Includes…

We believe variety is the spice of life, so all of our centers combine many storefronts for a long list of possibilities. Town Square creates engagement for our members by:

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    Shooting the Breeze in the Park

    The heart of each of our locations is Glenner Park, named for the scientist whose research made our model of care possible. While Glenner Park has vintage-style benches for relaxing conversation, it’s also the hub for a variety of activities, performances, and special events, including invigorating games such as bocce and mini-golf, as well as concerts by visiting performers.

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    Getting Creative in the Studio

    The Art Studio is a space where our members can enjoy freeform creative expression in the form of drawing or painting, as well as an ever-changing lineup of guided projects such as mosaics, collages, woodwork, and more. We’re proud to display our members’ artwork before they bring it home to their loved ones.

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    Getting a Fresh Haircut at the Salon

    Guys and Dolls Salon gives our members the chance to update their hairdo, get nail services, and more, in a friendly, vintage-style setting. Our styling services are always popular, so we recommend booking the salon in advance at all our locations that provide this storefront.

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    Enjoying a Classic Film in the Theater

    The Starlite Theater screens programming that hearkens back to the glitz of mid-century Hollywood. Not only do our members enjoy showings of classic movies, musicals, and television, they also participate in film appreciation discussion groups, vintage movie trivia, sing-alongs, drama club recitals, and guest performances from local musicians and artists.

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    Talking Cars at the Garage

    Chumley’s Garage is a faithful replica of a 1950s service station – exactly the kind of place our members would have stopped at en route to an incredible road trip with friends and family. We put a beautiful, restored 1950s auto on display to encourage discussion about the cars of the golden age of the interstate highway and all the memorable rides our members once took in them.

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    Eating a Delicious Diner Lunch

    features tasty, nutritious meals and snacks served up in a stunning replica of a hopping 1950s diner. The working jukebox in the corner is always playing the grooviest hits of early rock n’ roll, and the bright, comfy space encourages socializing and sharing a meal.

    Check your nearest Town Square location for a full listing of the exciting storefronts offered there!


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