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Marlton FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that our model of care is unique, and the adult day services we provide to members from across Burlington County inspire curiosity and a lot of questions. We’ve compiled this list of answers to the most common ones, and you can always contact us to learn more.

Who is Town Square at Marlton for?

Our services are meant for older adults who may or may not have a form of dementia or other cognitive disorder, with overall good physical health, and whose level of mobility is sufficient to move between our storefronts and take part in activities that utilize some movement.

Which adult day care model is Town Square at Marlton?

Town Square at Marlton uses the social model of senior day care – we do not provide full medical services. Nevertheless, we go above and beyond typical social adult day cares in offering physical & occupational therapy services, memory screenings, and allowing coordination of care from our members’ medical providers.

How do I get started at Town Square at Marlton?

We highly encourage every prospective member and their loved ones to take a tour of Town Square at Marlton before making a decision on attendance. Contact us to schedule your tour.

What does membership at Town Square at Marlton cost?

Our adult day services are offered on a private-pay basis, but there are many benefits available to defray the cost, and we can help you find out what coverage you are eligible for. Contact us at any time to consult with our staff on this matter.

Does Town Square at Marlton provide transportation?

Yes, we rely on a trusted third-party provider to help those of our members who need transportation to get from their homes to our center and back.

How is Town Square at Marlton different from other adult day centers?

We differ from the typical adult day care center starting with our very layout. Our design replicates an idyllic American town from the middle of the 20th century, and this helps us provide our unique programming based on reminiscence therapy. Our goal is to offer those with dementia and other cognitive disorders fulfillment, community, and fun by evoking their formative memories.

What types of senior care and programming does Town Square at Marlton provide?

We provide day recreational programming, in a safe environment monitored by dementia care experts.

What additional care services does Town Square at Marlton provide?

In addition to our day programs, we also allow for coordinated care with outside medical and home care providers.

Contact us to schedule your free tour of Town Square at Marlton or if you have any other inquiries about our unique services. Our amazing adult day centers are also open in other regions of New Jersey – if you and your loved ones are located in Ocean or Mercer County, please view our Brick and Princeton locations.

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