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At Town Square, we provide services that nowhere else does, so we’re aware that they are new to most people. We get a lot of great questions – see below for the answers to some of the ones we get asked the most, or contact us to inquire further.

Who is Town Square NW Austin for?

Our center is meant for senior citizens at all levels of cognitive functioning and who are in overall good physical health. We require a sufficient level of mobility to move from activity to activity in our center and participate in events that may involve light movement.

Which adult day care model is Town Square NW Austin?

We are run on the social model of senior day care and do not provide full medical services. However, we exceed what most social model day cares offer – we have a registered nurse available full-time, we can give medication reminders when necessary, and we allow for coordinated care with outside providers.

How do I get started at Town Square NW Austin?

The first step to starting at Town Square is to schedule a tour. We look forward to you getting to know us before beginning to attend.

What does membership at Town Square NW Austin cost?

For pricing information, contact us directly. All of our services are offered as private-pay, but there are many benefits available that provide coverage for some of the cost. Please consult with us – we’re happy to walk you through this process.

Does Town Square NW Austin provide transportation?

Yes – a trusted third-party provider can transport our members to and from Town Square NW Austin and their homes.

How is Town Square NW Austin different from other adult day centers?

Our difference can be seen from our very layout. The design of our center mimics a small town from 1950s America, which supports our unique programming that is based on reminiscence therapy. We are built particularly for the needs of people with dementia, and are focused on making all of our members feel fulfilled, included, and full of joy.

What types of senior care and programming does Town Square NW Austin provide?

We primarily provide recreational, social day care, in a safe environment staffed with certified dementia care professionals and a licensed practical nurse.

What additional care services does Town Square NW Austin provide?

In addition to our regular programming, we also allow for coordination of care with outside medical and home care providers.

Contact us to schedule your free tour of Town Square NW Austin or to talk to us about any other questions you may have.

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