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Caregivers Need to Know

Town Square NW Austin is committed to keeping our members and their families well-informed about the best ways to manage both memory conditions and normal aging. We regularly update with new articles that cover all aspects of adult day care. Our blog page is used to educate those living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders as well as their loved ones. See our latest blog entries below, or contact us to schedule a tour of our center.

How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Minds and Memories: A Holistic Approach

Discover a holistic approach to help seniors maintain their minds and memories. As age-related memory impairment affects almost 40% of those aged 65 and above, caregivers play a crucial role. From reading and lifelong learning to games, music, and handwriting, explore effective strategies for cognitive well-being. Empower seniors to adapt and thrive through these engaging activities and caregiver tips.

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Ensuring Proper Nutrition for Your Loved Ones: A Guide for Caregivers

As our loved ones age, their nutritional needs and abilities to tolerate various food textures and flavors change. Dexterity challenges might make it more difficult to eat foods that crumble, and swallowing issues due to stroke or Parkinson’s might make larger bites more challenging. Additionally, seniors may start to avoid the challenges of meal preparation altogether, shorting themselves on valuable nutrition. But fear not! There are ways to ensure that our loved ones get the nutrition they need and enjoy their meals.

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