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Adult Enrichment Center vs Senior Enrichment Center
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Adult Enrichment Center vs Senior Enrichment Center

Caring for elderly family members or loved ones can be stressful and even overwhelming at times. It may also conflict with other responsibilities. Thankfully, there are adult day services available to assist.

Two common types of services for seniors are adult enrichment centers and senior enrichment centers. While they have a similar basic concept, these two categories are different in scope and in the exact types of care they offer.

Differences between Adult Enrichment Center vs Senior Enrichment Center

Senior enrichment centers give senior citizens a chance to socialize and connect with their peers in a fun and safe environment. While these types of centers can have quality-of-life benefits, they are meant for older people without major health or mobility concerns, as they host social and learning activities, not medical care. Their common offerings include classes, groups, clubs, and basic health screenings.

Innovative Adult Day Enrichment Centers, on the other hand, can do it all. These facilities take care of all the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of their senior citizen clientele during the day, and can accommodate people with cognitive health issues or limited mobility. At Town Square Perry Hall, we provide a full range of social activities, therapeutic and medical services, and screenings including:

  • Reminiscence therapy and memory care
  • Audiology
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Strength training
  • Counseling and support
  • Visiting physician or nurse practitioner appointments
  • Memory screenings
  • Private duty care
  • Integrated adult day care and home care options

While senior enrichment centers and adult day enrichment centers both focus on improving lives, the latter, like Town Square, have a much wider range of services and greater access to support staff.

Benefits of Adult Enrichment Centers

Dynamic day programs at adult enrichment centers are a new approach to senior care and enrichment. Our Town Square Perry Hall facility offers specialized services for seniors, including those with cognitive disabilities, that can give them richer opportunities for socialization and better quality of life outcomes than traditional home care or assisted living arrangements. We can provide health services, which can include vision and hearing screenings, blood pressure monitoring, dispensing medications, symptom management, and even more intense therapeutic or medical services.

Many adult enrichment centers, including all of our Town Square locations, offer financial assistance with long-term care insurance, or Medicaid and Veterans Assistance programs (where applicable). In addition, at Town Square Perry Hall, we offer a space for our members to meet with outside care providers, such as physical therapists or specialized medical providers, and our members’ health insurance can often help with the costs of these services.

Contact us to schedule a tour of Town Square Perry Hall, learn more about us, or learn more about our reminiscence therapy approach.