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Town Square transports seniors  back to another time and place with the look and feel of a 1950s small town. Members can explore multiple unique activity rooms, called storefronts, all designed to spark memories of the past. 

The look and feel of Town Square helps members feel relaxed and comfortable as they remember meals with friends at the local diner, going to the pictures to see the biggest Hollywood stars of the time, or just sitting in their living room listening to a radio program.

Throughout the day, members take part in a wide range of engaging activities with a focus on enjoying favorite pastimes, reminiscing with friends, and developing new interests. The monthly calendar includes a variety of special events, including themed celebrations, visiting entertainment, guest speakers, music, gentle exercise, cognitive stimulation, creative expression, and so much more. Members end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and community.

Whether your loved one is experiencing the normal effects of aging or showing signs of cognitive impairment, a day at Town Square offers something for everyone.

Step Inside

Our innovative activity rooms, called storefronts, help put members at ease and encourage reminiscing by utilizing vintage design elements and décor.

Each storefront, from Rosie’s Diner to Starlite Theater to Glenner Park, has been meticulously designed to create an immersive, nostalgic environment where memories come to the forefront and members are inspired to share stories with their peers.

At Town Square Scripps Ranch, we feature these delightful storefronts:

A bright and cheery place to enjoy meals and snacks. Be transported to the days of milkshakes, soda jerks, and jukeboxes!

The heart of Town Square, used for activities, performances, and special events. Benches are available to relax and visit with friends.

Enjoy the glamor of 1950s Hollywood with classic movies, musicals, and TV shows as well as entertainment from local performers.

Pick up a newspaper or magazine from the 1950s and 1960s, or something more current, and head to a park bench to read and relax.

An open area with full technology capabilities, used for group exercise, performances and events, and large group activities.

An ample selection of reading materials is available for members to relax with a good book or browse a period magazine.

A multi-functional space for painting, drawing, craft activities, and creative expression. Works of art by members are proudly displayed.

The perfect spot for car buffs to gather around a real-life vintage car, browse car magazines, and talk all things automotive.

A soothing space for members to sit or lay down when they need a break or some quiet time, enjoying gentle sounds and aromatherapy.

Designed to mimic a cozy family living room from the 1950s, members feel at home as they relax, watch a classic TV show, or listen to music.

A peaceful yet colorful space to indulge a gardening hobby or learn a new skill. Arrange flowers, tend to plants, or browse a variety of garden books.

Hear beautiful music during activities such as Name that Tune, drum circle, and sing-alongs, as well as regular guest performances.

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Town Square Scripps Ranch will be opening in Fall 2021. In the meantime, please contact Kim Lim at with any questions or inquiries.

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