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Welcome to a senior care center that lets your loved one live the full and vibrant daily life they deserve.

At Town Square Princeton, our goal each day is for the members of our community to achieve feelings of accomplishment, community, and purpose.

We take a unique and highly beneficial approach to adult day care — combining thoughtful programs, therapeutic reminiscence activities, compassionate senior care, and a positive social environment.

Compassionate Care

Our adult day services are designed around an innovative model in reminiscence therapy. Reminiscence therapy is an approach to memory care, developed by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, that taps into seniors’ cherished memories to deliver numerous social, emotional, and mental health benefits, like reduced stress and improved happiness.

While this approach is especially beneficial to seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the act of reminiscing with peers has social and emotional benefits for all of us — and we welcome seniors of all abilities to join us at our adult day center.


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    For all our Garden State friends, we may be just a short drive away! Feel free to explore our various New Jersey locations to discover the one that aligns perfectly with your commuting/scheduling requirements:

    Adult Day Care in Brick NJ (Ocean County)

    Adult Day Care in Marlton NJ (Burlington County)

    Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this innovative new resource in adult day care. To learn more or sign up, contact us, or call 609-375-0751.

    Innovative Programming

    Our entire Princeton, NJ facility is designed in the image of a classic 1950s American town. We feature 14 activity rooms, called “storefronts”, each offering a unique array of programming.

    The programming at our storefronts encompasses music, art, wellness, learning, socialization, and more. You can catch a classic movie at the Starlite Theater, play a song on the jukebox at Rosie’s Diner, see a live performance at Glenner Park, reminisce with friends at the Little Blue House, and so much more. This innovative model in senior day care represents an important advancement in the way we care for our seniors. We invite you and your loved ones to be a part of it.

    To sign up or learn more, please contact us or call 609-375-0751.



    Our Experienced Team

    Our team includes specialists in all key aspects of senior care, including program development, skilled nursing, memory care, physical therapy, health services, and more.

    Every staff member at Town Square Princeton is trained in a specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia program and  many come to Town Square with past experience in various areas of senior care.

    Integrate adult day care with at-home care

    Our partners at Senior Helpers are some of the country’s top-rated professionals in senior home care, with licensed and accredited agencies throughout New Jersey.

    The combination of quality home care and adult day care can be a great option for seniors and caregivers who want to balance their life at home with the assistance they need and a meaningful schedule of daily activities.


    On a foundation of excellent senior day programming, we provide an unparalleled experience in memory care and reminiscence therapy.

    Any individual can have a fulfilling and joyous experience during their time at Town Square Princeton, and our programming is especially beneficial to those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia or memory loss.

    Excellence in Memory Care

    The term “memory care” refers to programming or care that improves the lives of individuals living with dementia or memory loss.

    Our team has decades of experience in memory care, and all our staff members are trained in the most compassionate and engaging ways to interact with seniors who have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

    This compassion and care are at the heart of what we do every day at Town Square Princeton.

    Leaders in Reminiscence Therapy

    Reminiscence therapy, developed by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, is a highly-beneficial approach to memory care that uses the cherished memories of a senior’s formative years (usually their teens and twenties) as a spark for conversation, storytelling, reminiscing, and happiness.

    Our formative years create an important foundation for our identity, and research has shown that as individuals experience memory loss, memories from those years remain strongest. Reminiscence therapy uses these memories as a source of vibrance, joy, and comfort. As such, this approach can increase seniors’ quality of life by reducing anxiety, increasing happiness, and even improving sleep at night.

    To learn more about reminiscence therapy and other services at Town Square Princeton, contact us today. 

    A trip back to the ’50s

    Our senior day care services are built around an immersive experience in reminiscing. Our entire facility is designed in the image of a classic 1950s town.

    Our 14 activity spaces, called storefronts, include a classic salon, a diner, an auto garage, a recreation room, and more. Each space keeps within our immersive 1950s theme and offers a unique experience for our members.


    Our Family Center is here as a resource to serve the needs of families in our community, with free opportunities including:

    • Weekly Memory Cafés
    • Caregiver support groups
    • Health fairs and conferences
    • Memory screenings
    • Monthly workshops

    • Virtual reality dementia experiences
    • Referrals for support services
    • Professional education and CEU’s
    • Care consultations


    Our activities rooms, affectionately known as “storefronts”, are an essential part of the immersive, engaging experience we provide here.

    Town Square Princeton features 14 distinct spaces, each with its own unique set of services, activities, and events. Our facility’s original schedule of programming is planned every day around our storefronts, and all our members get a chance to experience many storefronts during a day at our facility.

    Whether you want to create something new at Craft Corner, play a round of billiards at the Recreation Center, check out vintage cars art at Mike’s Garage, or catch a classic film at the Starlite Theater — all our storefronts help create the immersive, nostalgic environment that is so beneficial to our members.


    At Town Square, our mission is to redefine what’s possible in adult day care. We’re here to give you and your loved ones an experience that’s second-to-none. We start on a strong foundation of compassion and expertise in senior care. On that foundation, we’ve built a diverse, engaging, and highly beneficial array of programming and activities.

    We invite you to see for yourself what a day at Town Square Princeton can do. Contact us today. 


    Consider hosting your next event at Town Square Princeton. Our facilities feature spaces in a variety of sizes and functions. This is a one-of-a-kind venue that’s sure to start conversations between your guests.

    Popular events may include (but aren’t limited to):

    • Company holiday parties
    • Bridal and baby showers
    • Family reunions
    • Team building events
    • Sweet sixteen pirates

    • Anniversary parties
    • Graduation parties
    • Weddings
    • Milestone birthdays
    • And so much more!
    Private event hosting is available Monday-Friday after 5:30pm and on weekends. Please call us at 609-375-0751 to learn more.


    The Best Place Around

    I am so grateful for this Town Square center. From the moment we sat with Janine, I just knew my dad would be in the best care. I think that is why from the first day, he didn’t mind coming. He now wants to be there every day, even on the weekends when they are closed. They took such a load off of our family’s shoulders, making him so happy. This is the best place around!

    – Mina P.

    Contact us today to inquire about enrollment in Town Square or visit one of our other locations conveniently located in Brick or Marlton!

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