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Town Square Will Bring Reminiscence-Based Adult Day Memory Care Services to York County

Town Square is an innovative senior day care center located in Fort Mill, SC, dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and healthful environment for our members with and without dementia or another memory disorder through socialization, guided reminiscence, and a changing roster of amazing activities.

At Town Square, we’re committed to providing York County seniors with an engaging day program focused on learning, friendship, connection, and remembrance. Our dynamic and ever-changing schedule ensures that every day is a new and exciting experience for our members. Caregivers and families can rest easy knowing their loved ones receive our high standard of care. Our adult day services cater to individuals of all levels of cognitive health.

Our center is designed to recreate the sensory experience of an American town from the middle of the 20th century. Our unique activity areas, called storefronts, and the rest of our aesthetic underpin our adult day services based on the dementia care modality of reminiscence therapy.

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    Town Square’s Model of Care

    According to research, people with memory disorders are best able to hold on to memories from their teens and twenties – the years in which they experienced formative events. Those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias readily talk about and recall the times of their youth.

    The unique design of our center is built to evoke vivid memories for people diagnosed with dementia today, most of whom came of age in the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to our incredible programs, our members can discuss those memories in a joyous and healthful manner.

    Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for any form of dementia. However, reminiscence therapy activities have proven benefits for people with memory conditions. Studies have shown reminiscence therapy can give people increased social engagement, lowered anxiety, and better and more regular sleep at night. Learn more about how our approach incorporates the best in reminiscence therapy.


    How We Benefit Our Members, Their Loved Ones, and the Community

    At Town Square Fort Mill, we believe the best standard of care is achieved through collaboration.By offering our members opportunities to socialize, learn new skills, participate in recreational activities, and enjoy live performances, we provide a fun and enriching daily experience. Caregivers can feel at ease leaving their loved ones with our professionally trained staff in a welcoming community space. 

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