Explore Town Square’s Services

Town Square offers a plethora of services to our members and their families to ensure the best possible experience and highest quality of care. Our adult day services are unlike anything available anywhere else, and our flagship programming is supported by many other helpful offerings. 

Everything we do for our members is done with the best practices of memory care firmly in mind. Using the techniques of reminiscence therapy based on research by the Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers and their founders, we provide a new level of adult day services appropriate for people at varying levels of cognitive functioning.


Memory Care

Town Square’s staff members are highly trained in the best practices of memory care, including the disciplines of dementia care and reminiscence therapy. Allowing our members to achieve their personal best level of memory health is one of our top priorities.

We make sure the services we offer are suitable for people whose cognitive and memory faculties are at any stage, from full functioning to advanced dementia. We can be an excellent support for people who are in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, continuing to be there for them as their condition progresses. Request a tour to see your nearest location and meet our extraordinary staff.

Adult Day Services

The adult day services at Town Square  give our members a level of social engagement, psychological fulfillment, and quality of life improvement that isn’t available anywhere else. Our innovative programs, delivered by our empathetic and expert staff, tap into memories of the deep past to achieve greater satisfaction in the present.

We want Town Square to be part of a holistic care framework that treats all of our members’ needs. We’re happy to allow outside visiting physicians, nurses, and medical specialists to coordinate care with our members’ caregivers, and provide space for our members to receive any necessary outside medical treatment on-site. Consult the staff at your nearest Town Square location for more details.

Contact us today to schedule your free tour of your nearest Town Square location or inquire further about how we can provide excellent daytime care for your loved one.


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