Training & Support

How Town Square Gives Our Franchisees Training and Support

Getting started in a new industry, especially one like senior care, can seem overwhelming. But at Town Square, we strive to make it simple and straightforward. 

Our Business Development Consultants will guide you through the process from step one, and you’ll always have Town Square’s excellent resources supporting you as you run your location.

The Best in Training Programs

All Town Square activity and programming employees are trained in clinically-backed methods of memory care, dementia care, and reminiscence therapy. And we make sure our franchise owners have the knowledge they need to effectively operate our model of care and so that they, and all the people they hire, can meet the needs and wants of their members. 

Our training programs are designed to ensure you have the tools to keep your members satisfied, happy, and healthy and keep them coming back.

Selecting a Site for Your Town Square Location

As longtime senior care professionals, we at Town Square know the importance of being in the right place. We’ll work with you to help select the best site for your location that will maximize convenience for your members and their families and that works for you financially.

Our Expert Marketing Plans

You’ll want to get the word out about Town Square coming to a new area – and we can help you. We provide an extensive sales and marketing plan to create a referral network to quickly build your membership for Town Square.

Financial guidance

We do everything we can to make a Town Square franchise a great investment. We’re always happy to make recommendations on lenders that can assist with the financial aspects of your business.

Ongoing Operational Support

Running a business like a Town Square location may be a new experience for you. We’re here to answer your questions about day-to-day operations and help you extend your vision for your Town Square franchise into the future.

Contact Town Square today to take the next steps and learn more about how we’re committed to supporting our franchisees in every way possible.