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What Is the Difference between Memory Care and Adult Day Care
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What Is the Difference between Memory Care and Adult Day Care

Memory care and adult day care are both important care services for aging adults struggling with dementia or another memory disorder. But whether your loved one needs one or both of these services depends on their specific situation – and Town Square Princeton is uniquely set up to offer robust memory care in a fun, safe, and engaging community adult day care setting.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is the discipline that aims to improve the quality of life of those with memory and cognitive conditions, using therapeutic techniques to mitigate their challenges and enhance what they are able to do. Memory care services may be offered in a variety of senior care settings. There are also stand-alone memory care facilities that specialize in providing meaningful engagement through therapies such as reminiscence therapy and habilitation therapy.

Memory care facilities can be a form of long-term care where individuals move to the facility, usually when they can no longer live safely at home. They can also be day facilities, like Town Square, where caretakers or family members can bring their loved ones during the day.

Who Is Memory Care For?

Memory care is designed for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias, or who have another type of memory disorder.

Because of the nature of memory loss, memory care facilities are set up to ensure a secure environment where individuals are not at risk of wandering, but are free to safely explore. Staff are also specifically trained in memory care and understand how to care for someone living with  a memory disorder.


What Is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is a service for older adults who may be experiencing the normal effects of aging and are seeking socialization, engagement, and enriching activities. For seniors needing additional care, some adult day centers include enrichment and social connection along with personal care, healthy meals, activities appropriate to different cognitive levels, and more. 

Unlike memory care, which can take different forms – long-term care, day care, or in-home services – adult day care is specifically a day-only service. You can bring a senior loved one to an adult day care facility during the day to benefit from the provided services, the community, and the safe environment, with the knowledge that they’re surrounded by caring professionals who can help them with their general needs.

Adult day care can also be used as a form of respite care – if you’re a family caretaker, you can have your loved one cared for in this setting while you run errands, work, take care of other family responsibilities, or simply give yourself the rest you need.


Who Is Adult Day Care For?

Older adults with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, as well as those with full cognitive and physical function, can benefit from adult day care services. Town Square is designed to provide more than personal and individualized care – we also create a welcoming, engaging environment where our members can make friends and be a part of a community.

How Does Town Square Combine Memory Care and Adult Day Care?

At Town Square, seniors get the best of both worlds. There’s a spacious, immersive environment, inviting older adults to reminisce and re-experience past eras. We offer fun and therapeutic vintage activities, including a theater showing classic films, a beautiful indoor park space where members can gather to socialize, a recreation center for playing games and engaging in past interests,, along with many other fun options in our 13 different themed activity rooms and spaces to enjoy comprehensive engagement.

But we also bring area seniors high-quality day care services with a memory focus, provided by staff who are trained in dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

With both memory care and adult day care services, our members with or without a memory disorder can receive tailored care in a positive, supportive environment. And you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is well cared for in a place where they can have fun with other seniors.

Experience Town Square in person and we know you’ll love what we have to offer – contact us today to book a tour!