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Town Square, a 1950’s Themed Center for Seniors Celebrates Grand Opening
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Town Square, a 1950’s Themed Center for Seniors Celebrates Grand Opening

As parents, many of us are not only taking care of our little ones, but are also caregivers to our own moms, dads and in-laws. Some of us have even dealt with our loved ones’ memory loss and have struggled to find ways to spark their memories. Enter Town Square, a brand new adult day enrichment center that’s inclusive of all seniors, including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The community of Plainsboro and Princeton just celebrated the grand opening of Town Square in Plainsboro at 2 Hospital Drive. The celebration was attended by both Plainsboro’s Mayor Peter Cantu and Princeton’s Mayor Mark Freda. There is also a Town Square location in Brick.

This 13,000 square-foot center not only has a fun 1950’s theme, it also has everything a senior could want, from a 1950s-era diner, a movie theater, a library, a recreation room, a garage with a beautiful classic car, an art studio, a recreation room and even a music studio, all arranged around a green central park.

“Operating with a mission to improve the quality of life for all members and their families, Town Square delivers safe and affordable care in a one-of-a-kind, interactive environment,” reads a press release for the soon-to-open center. “Seniors receive quality and compassionate care through Town Square’s immersive experiences thoughtfully designed to include activities and experiences based on members’ interests, hobbies, and abilities.”

Chances are the seniors in your life will enjoy checking out the different activity rooms called “storefronts” that are designed to spark memories from the past and spending time with other members. Here, seniors have a chance to enjoy favorite pastimes and also explore new interests. In fact, the 1950’s theme was specifically chosen because most seniors who are now in their 80’s would have been in their teens and 20’s then, and that’s when they likely built strong memories.

The monthly calendar includes a variety of special events, including themed celebrations, visiting entertainment, guest speakers, music, gentle exercise, cognitive stimulation and creative expression.

So whether your loved one is experiencing the normal effects of aging or showing signs of cognitive impairment, a day at Town Square can be a pleasurable and enriching experience.