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A New Idea in Adult Day Care Services in Sarasota

Introducing a senior care center that allows our loved ones to live the full and vibrant lives they deserve.

Town Square is a unique adult day care center. Our groundbreaking approach to adult day services combines essential senior care like routine doctors visits, specialist visits, immersive and engaging activities, and opportunities to reminisce and connect with peers. These activities are designed to meet the needs of those experiencing the normal effects of aging and include but are not limited to activities specifically focused for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This innovative model represents an important step forward for senior care in this country.

Our 12,000-square-foot facility is designed to replicate a 1950s American town. Over a dozen activity rooms, called storefronts, allow participation in a wide variety of engaging events and activities.

Reach out to us today to find out how your loved one can get started on attending our amazingly enriching day programs.


Town Square Sarasota welcomes Spanish-speaking members of the local community. Our skilled and empathetic team includes dementia care professionals who are fluent in Spanish and committed to engagement and inclusion for everyone.


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    Town Square’s Model of Care

    Research has shown that people with dementia are best able to hold on to their memories from their formative years – that is to say, their teens and twenties. More recent events may feel hazy or inaccessible, but patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias have been observed to readily recall, and converse about, the times of their youth.

    Since most of the people who are diagnosed with dementia today came of age in the 1950s, the design of our center is built to evoke those memories in the most vivid and joyous way possible.

    There is no cure yet for any form of dementia, but reminiscence therapy activities have proven benefits in the quality of life of people with memory conditions, such as reduced anxiety, increased willingness to socialize, and better and greater quantity of sleep at night.

    Learn more about how Town Square uses reminiscence therapy to bring our members fulfillment.

    Even if your loved one isn’t living with dementia, our reminiscence model offers a nostalgic journey for seniors, evoking cherished memories.

    How We Benefit Our Members, Their Loved Ones, and the Community

    At Town Square Sarasota, we believe that the best care is possible when everyone who is affected can be involved. We offer our members a fun-filled way to spend the day, making new friends, enjoying vintage recreation, taking in performances, and even learning new things. Their caregivers get the sense of security that comes with leaving their loved one in the care of trusted professionals who are trained in dementia care, in a community setting, and our day programs give them the option of respite care when they need it. And we’re conscious of being part of the Sarasota community, inviting local performers to provide guest events to our members and designing our programming with the community in mind.


    transformed my dad's quality of life

    My dad loves the activities, social interaction with the other seniors, and the staff. He wants to go back. Everyone at Town Square is invested in making sure the seniors are safe, engaged, and having fun. I can’t recommend this place enough. It really has transformed my dad’s quality of life. Even if you think your parent or spouse won’t like it—take the leap and try it out. I am beyond grateful I did, and so is my dad.

    – Patty L.
    My husband always has a great time

    My husband loves going to Town Square. On the days he goes, he stands at the door waiting to get into the car. He comes home happy. The staff are wonderful. They greet him with hugs and truly make him feel welcome. He doesn’t always remember what he did all day, but he had a great time. That makes me happy too! Thank you.

    – Diane C.
    A Real Sense of Belonging

    My husband has benefitted so much from Town Square. All the staff are wonderful, caring people. He feels a sense of real belonging here. He calls it his club.

    - Elizabeth C.
    Best Place EVER

    Best place EVER. My husband loves it. Incredible staff.

    - Lucille B.
    Kindest People EVER

    Best days ever at Town Square! A great place with the kindest people EVER!

    - Nancy M.
    So Thankful

    The staff at Town Square is awesome! Town Square is bringing my husband out and lifting his spirits. He feels very safe and loved there. We are so thankful for everyone at Town Square!

    - Bonnie R.
    can't stop talking about town square

    The welcome my mom received from Jill and the staff made me cry happy tears of joy! The engagement, activities, and care are beyond our expectations. My mom has improved in her cognition and can’t stop talking about Town Square to others!

    - Michelle O.
    Great service to our community

    “This place and the staff are amazing! They are so encouraging and welcoming. Great service to our community”

    - Karen M.
    Amazing atmosphere!

    “A wonderful, caring staff and amazing atmosphere! Great activities which are fun and stimulating!”

    - Carol D.
    Thank you for being a loving, safe place

    “My dad goes there and loves it. The staff and owners are amazing people. If you have a loved one that needs to go somewhere during the day you should contact them and look around. Thank you for being a loving, safe place.”

    - Vickiey T.
    This is a hidden gem that needs to be talked about

    “This is a hidden gem that needs to be talked about. If you don’t believe me, go take a tour then spread the news”

    - Bobby F.

    Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a free tour of our facility – see what makes us the most fulfilling adult enrichment center in Sarasota!

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