A New Idea in Adult Day Care Services in Sarasota

Town Square is an adult day care center in Sarasota, tailored specifically to Sarasota County seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory disorders, that provides a whole new kind of experience to our members.

A day at Town Square is a joyous, therapeutic experience filled with social connections, laughter, remembrance, and learning new things – the programming we offer keeps our members coming back and looking forward to the next day’s adventure, and our exceptional standard of care offers their caregivers total peace of mind. We cater to people at all levels of cognitive and memory functioning, and our members always give us glowing reviews!

Our premises are designed to look and feel like a 1950s American small town – and it’s not just for show. Our aesthetics and structure support our unique adult day services, which are all based on the model of reminiscence therapy pioneered by the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers.

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    Town Square’s Model of Care

    Research has shown that people with dementia are best able to hold on to their memories from their formative years – that is to say, their teens and twenties. More recent events may feel hazy or inaccessible, but patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias have been observed to readily recall, and converse about, the times of their youth.

    Since most of the people who are diagnosed with dementia today came of age in the 1950s, the design of our center is built to evoke those memories in the most vivid and joyous way possible.

    There is no cure yet for any form of dementia, but reminiscence therapy activities have proven benefits in the quality of life of people with memory conditions, such as reduced anxiety, increased willingness to socialize, and better and greater quantity of sleep at night.

    Learn more about how Town Square uses reminiscence therapy to bring our members fulfillment.

    How We Benefit Our Members, Their Loved Ones, and the Community

    At Town Square Sarasota, we believe that the best care is possible when everyone who is affected can be involved. We offer our members a fun-filled way to spend the day, making new friends, enjoying vintage recreation, taking in performances, and even learning new things. Their caregivers get the sense of security that comes with leaving their loved one in the care of trusted professionals who are trained in dementia care, in a community setting, and our day programs give them the option of respite care when they need it. And we’re conscious of being part of the Sarasota community, inviting local performers to provide guest events to our members and designing our programming with the community in mind.


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