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A New Idea in Adult Day Care Services in Sandy Springs

Town Square is a unique adult day care center. Our groundbreaking approach to adult day services combines essential senior care, immersive activities, and opportunities to reminisce with peers. These activities are designed to meet the needs of those experiencing the normal effects of aging and include activities specifically focused for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This innovative model represents an important step forward for senior care in this country.

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Spark Memories
Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias have been observed to readily recall, and converse about, the times of their youth.

Reminiscence Therapy

Research has shown that people with dementia are best able to hold on to their memories from their formative years – that is to say, their teens and twenties. Since most of the people who are diagnosed with dementia today came of age in the mid 1900s, the design of our center is built to evoke those memories in the most vivid and joyous way possible.

Our members engage in activities that have proven benefits in the quality of life of people with memory conditions, such as reduced anxiety, increased willingness to socialize, and better and greater quantity of sleep at night. Learn more about how Town Square uses reminiscence therapy to bring our members fulfillment.

Learn more about how Town Square uses reminiscence therapy to bring our members fulfillment.

Town Square les da la bienvenida a la comunidad de habla Espanol. Nuestros empleados que estan compuesto de profesionales bilingues, en el cuidado de la demencia, son capacitados, compasivos y están comprometidos a la participación y la inclusión de todos.