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Town Square Sandy Springs provides adult day care services based on reminiscence therapy. This unique approach involves recalling past events in order to find comfort in the present day. All our activities are based on reminiscing, and the design of our facility is inspired by days gone by. As cherished memories rise to the surface, our members are likely to communicate more and experience better mental and emotional outcomes.

Reminiscence therapy started in the 1960s, when psychiatrists discovered the therapeutic value of memories. Early work in this field was developed by George G. Glenner at the Alzheimer’s Family Center. When people are reminded of the good old days, they’re more likely to find value and purpose in their daily life.

Reminiscence therapy uses the five senses to tap into distant memories. This can be done through numerous activities, such as storytelling, listening to music, and doing arts and crafts. This gives people with dementia an opportunity to express themselves, share their stories, and make social connections with their peers.

Through the wonders of reminiscing, our adult day care at Sandy Springs helps people to live a happy life — one day at a time.


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    explore town square’s storefronts

    Town Square Sandy Springs offers 13 themed storefronts, where seniors can reminisce with staff or spend time with other members. Familiar environments help to spark memories, and novel activities behind each door help to promote conversation, laughter, and fun.
    The following storefronts are a huge part of the Town Square Sandy Springs experience:

    Glenner Park:

    is the heart of Town Square. Named after the dementia research pioneer behind reminiscence therapy, this relaxed space is where members meet friends, exercise together, and attend group gatherings.


    ronnie’s garage:

    is a literal drive down memory lane. Inspired by the golden era of the American automobile, it features a beautifully restored 1964 Ford Thunderbird. This area brings back memories of road trips with family and friends.

    craft corner:

    is dedicated to creativity. We offer various craft activities to encourage emotional expression, innovative thinking, and fine motor dexterity. Work is proudly displayed here before it’s brought home to loved ones.

    Rosie’s Diner:

    offers delicious meals and healthy snacks, along with a working jukebox. This bright, cheerful diner is inspired by lunch spots of the ’50s and ’60s, and it’s adorned with vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia.


    is our central staff headquarters. Our leadership team will answer questions, address concerns, or just say hello when anyone stops by. We’re proud of the walls in City Hall, as they pay tribute to our military veterans.


    features an open area for daily exercise. From strength training and resistance equipment to yoga and drum circles, we offer senior-friendly fitness technology and classes in a welcoming environment.


    has a wide assortment of books, which people can read on-site in Glenner Park. The Library features a variety of mid-century magazines, which present a vivid record of America’s great history.


    is our version of a typical mid-century family living room. Members can make themselves at home, with comfortable seating combined with quiet activities and soft music.


    is where people can spin a favorite record, play a classic guitar, or take part in a sing-along. That’s not all, however, with opportunities for dancing and retro rock and pop quizzes also available.

    recreation center:

    is designed to stimulate the mind. We offer board games, cards, darts, and puzzles, and there’s even a pool table in-house. Members can enhance their cognitive abilities or just meet friends for a game.

    starlite theater:

    features classic entertainment inspired by the glamor of ’50s and ’60s Hollywood. We screen movies, TV shows, and musicals from this much-loved era and host trivia nights, talent shows, and performances by visiting artists.

    guys and dolls salon:

    is a working hair and nail salon. People can arrange to have their hair cut, colored, washed, and/or styled. Members can also get a manicure or pedicure in a retro parlor setting.

    dottie’s garden:

    is an outdoor space that fuels the mind, body, and soul. Members have an opportunity to look after herbs, succulents, and other small plants. We also offer woodworking projects, along with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

    Each storefront at Town Square Sandy Springs has been specially designed for our senior community. These spaces and activities create an immersive environment, offering therapeutic support and contributing to the health and well-being of all our members.


    Recalling events and people from the past helps to affirm self-identity and foster acceptance. When people remember personal relationships and achievements, they’re likely to regain a sense of meaning. Regardless of age, physical mobility, or cognitive challenges, reminiscing helps people to make peace with their life.

    Town Square members are likely to experience the following benefits:

    • Self-expression — The spaces and activities at Town Square help people be themselves. Members have lots of opportunities to express themselves through arts and crafts, games and exercises, and conversations with peers and staff.
    • Social connection — Older people thrive when they build relationships. Town Square offers group activities in a number of welcoming spaces. From chance encounters to long conversations, our members are part of a community.
    • Emotional well-being — We look after our members and treat them like family. When people spend time in a comfortable and supportive environment, they can reduce depressive symptoms and boost emotional health.

    At Town Square Sandy Springs, reminiscing leads to positive mental, emotional, and social outcomes. It helps to provide comfort and reduce stress on a daily basis, increasing happiness and providing a sense of purpose. We believe our members deserve nothing but the best.


    Along with specialized programs for elderly members, we also offer private event hosting. Town Square Sandy Springs is a unique venue for private functions, such as:

    • Bridal Showers
    • Family Reunions
    • Birthday Parties
    • Corporate Events

    If you want to bring people together in a novel and highly nostalgic space, we have the perfect venue.

    At Town Square Sandy Springs, we offer a variety of spaces and amenities for private events. Our facility is dedicated to times gone by, and your guests will enjoy the nostalgic ambiance around every corner. We offer a range of custom options for private bookings, so you can create the perfect environment for your event. For information on private hosting, please make an inquiry or contact our team to learn more.

    special events and performances

    We offer a selection of fun events for members to enjoy. From live musicians to guest speakers, health experts, and local artists, there’s always something happening at Town Square Sandy Springs. We provide numerous opportunities for socialization and enjoyment, and we have dedicated spaces to bring events to life.

    Many events take place at the Starlite Theater, including local performances, dramatic productions, and in-house talent shows. When we’re not hosting live shows, we put on classic films, TV shows, and musicals from the good old days. At Town Square Sandy Springs, we have created a vibrant atmosphere and built a real sense of community.

    Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility, and come see what sets us apart.

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