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Innovating Adult Day Care

Town Square Sandy Springs provides an immersive, therapeutic, social experience designed to support those impacted by MCI, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. However, people at all levels of cognitive function are welcome. 

Step into Town Square, and you’ll be instantly transported to a small, mid-century American town featuring 13 stylized activity rooms to represent popular storefronts that existed during era. Members take part in an expansive range of engaging activities facilitated by highly-trained Program Assistants who utilize therapeutic reminiscence techniques along with other engaging strategies to stimulate the mind.

Town Square is the first adult day care with a model grounded in reminiscence therapy and other lifestyle interventions that may preserve cognitive function and postpone the need for long-term care in those diagnosed with dementia. Pioneered by the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, reminiscence therapy is a unique behavioral approach that uses prompts to stimulate long-term memories.

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    Town Square’s Model of Care

    Research confirms that people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have the ability to retain memories from their teens and twenties longer. In contrast, it’s the memories of more recent events, or short-term memories, tend to slip sooner.

    Many people currently battling Alzheimer’s and other dementias grew up in during the 1950s and 1960s. Town Square’s design, that of a mid-century downtown area, evokes members’ vivid memories of life during this important time in both American history and their individual lives.

    While we hope a cure for dementia will be discovered soon, none exists yet. At Town Square, however, we leverage a cutting-edge treatment called reminiscence therapy that offers people with memory conditions a greater quality of life. Proven benefits include improved mood, communication, sleep quality, as well as reduced anxiety, depression, and agitation. Come tour our location in Sandy Springs, and learn how your loved one can benefit from our unique approach to adult day care.

    How We Benefit Our Members, Their care partners, and the Community

    Let us show you firsthand the sense of comfort you’ll feel when leaving your loved one in the hands of trusted dementia care professionals. We offer our members the chance to make new friends, learn new things, enjoy vintage recreation, and take part in something productive and meaningful. We provide free care consultations for care partners, and we host regular support groups and industry events that are open to the community.

    Visit us to learn how the best care is possible when everyone who is impacted is involved and supported.


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