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Adult Day Care Services in Austin, Built for Fun, Care, and Reminiscence

At Town Square NW Austin, we’re a new kind of adult day care center. Our services have people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia in mind, as well as their families and those who take care of them. Simply put, we’re a great place to be for socialization, learning, laughter, great care, safety, and fun.

We’re able to provide our members with an incredible day of activities no matter their level of cognitive function. That’s what keeps them – the people who make Town Square NW Austin – coming back, and why they and their caregivers are so thrilled about Town Square. We’re committed to joyous, nostalgic experiences of connection and learning, as well as the highest level of care to ensure caregivers’ total peace of mind.

Our physical layout looks like nothing else around: We replicate a midcentury American small town. And this unique aesthetic has a clear purpose. We’re literally built to support our special and highly effective model of care, based on reminiscence therapy, a type of dementia care originated by the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers. Learn more about how Town Square’s approach to reminiscence therapy benefits our members and their loved ones.

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    How Town Square NW Austin Works

    Research shows that memories from the formative years of people with dementia – their teens and twenties – are retained even when more recent events can no longer be recalled. Brain scientists have noted people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia having detailed conversations about things that happened in their youth.

    Most Americans with dementia today had those formative years in the 1950s. Therefore, our center is designed like an ideal 1950s town, in order to bring our members’ memories to the forefront with vividity and joy.

    Although dementia is still incurable, studies have shown reminiscence therapy benefits people with memory conditions by reducing anxiety, increasing social interaction, giving them a better night’s sleep, and overall improving quality of life. We invite you to learn more about how Town Square’s adult day care in Austin uses memory care and dementia care to enrich our members’ lives each day.


    How We Benefit Our Members, Families, and Locals

    At Town Square NW Austin, we aim to be the most effective adult enrichment center in Austin, and we know we can only provide our best level of care by involving every stakeholder. This includes our members, whom we provide with a fun, exciting daily schedule of friendship, vintage recreation, learning, performances, and more. It also includes their families, who get the sense of security that comes from our expertise in dementia care and our safe, community-based facilities, as well as convenient and flexible respite care. Finally, we can’t forget about our place in the community, and we engage with local performing artists and design all our programs with a local touch.


    a little glimpse of the old Shirley

    Suffering from dementia, my mom has lost a lot of her personality. Town Square has given us a little glimpse of the old Shirley – the Mom I grew up with. She can be agitated and irritated with me driving there and the moment she steps back into the 1950’s town with all the 1950’s style store fronts, she is a changed person. Happy, flirty, competitive, sassy. It is a wonderful feeling knowing she is spending the day where she feels loved, accepted and popular. I only wish we had gone to 5 days a week sooner.

    – Sklar Family
    Town Square treats everyone like family

    My husband Dennis was diagnosed with vascular parkinsonism and dementia a year ago. I toured Town Square and was very impressed. Town Square has so many things to keep the members busy and people to share their life stories with. Making new friends has helped Dennis to stay more alert. He is awake all day and has a better night’s sleep. The people at Town Square treat everyone like family. What could be better than to extend your family? Dennis will be here for a long time.

    – Oliver Family
    A life changing experience

    My wife Pam was diagnosed with vascular dementia a couple of years ago. The journey has been a hard one for myself and my family to navigate. I came across Town Square one day and after visiting, I knew in my heart it must be fate. Elisa, Rebecca, and the staff are knowledgeable and accommodating to Pam’s needs. Becoming a part of this community has been life-changing for Pam as well as for me. I feel confident I am dropping her off in the hands of kind and knowledgeable staff and I can continue with my day-to-day. It is comforting to have found such a special place for this time in our lives.

    – Weaver Family
    Town Square has Changed our lives

    Town Square has changed our lives.  My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 4 years ago and he is so happy to be with his friends and “buddies,“ 3 days a week at Town Square. We both feel loved and supported by the family we have gained. I encourage everyone in our situation to see how you too can feel that support and love.

    – Gallagher Family
    The Best professional caregivers

    Town Square NW Austin is an incredible new respite spot for seniors! This is an attractive facility with some of the best professional caregivers I’ve met. The national Town Square model is centered on Reminiscence Therapy and is designed to spark memories and engage those with dementia. (Evan claims he does not have any memories to spark, but I know it takes little prompting to get him talking about his wild youth.) I was so excited when I heard about this facility starting up at Anderson Mill Rd and 183.

    – Wilson Family
    a beautiful facility for seniors

    The residents of Austin, Texas are so fortunate that Town Square has come to town! Now there is a big, bright, beautiful, & clean facility for senior adults to spend their weekdays. My dad, Fred, has enjoyed painting, playing games, dancing and exercising to music, and many other creative and skill-appropriate activities. I never have any trouble getting him up in the morning when I say, “Today is a Town Square Day!” In addition, since he has been active and socially stimulated during the day, he sleeps well at night and is ready to go be with friends and have more fun at Town Square the next day.

    – Conder Family
    Warm and Welcoming

    The staff at Town Square have been so warm and welcoming with our family. Our loved one has felt at home in their care. They have paid special attention to his specific needs and interests, and really made him feel special. They have communicated with us throughout the day and made sure that nothing has been left unchecked. They even send us videos and pictures of memories made while at the center. The activities they have available are very thoughtful, well-rounded, and just plain FUN.  We really appreciate all the support and care they offer and highly recommend them.

    - Whitehead Family

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