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What Is a Social Adult Day Care?
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What Is a Social Adult Day Care?

Social model adult day care is a structured, comprehensive program that provides a variety of individual social, basic health, and related support services in a protective care setting. Participants attend during any part of the day but return home in the evening. 

The optional services offered by different social model day programs vary, but tend to include mixed recreational and therapeutic activities designed to provide socialization and boost self-esteem. Some examples of these services are memory stimulation exercises, group walks, discussion groups, arts and crafts classes, and more. At Town Square, our social programming includes stimulating activities such as these in a setting geared toward reminiscence, and all of our activities interlink to provide a healthful, happy, and full day to our members.

It is important to note that a social adult day services program is not the same as adult day medical care programs, which typically have a shorter day and a more medically complex population. However medication management, other medical support, as well as access to a health professional and social services is a part of that care model.

What are social programs for older adults?

Day care services for mature adults are meant for seniors who live at home, either independently or with a caregiver’s support, but are struggling with loneliness and the depression that isolation can cause. Many of the older adults who participate in these social model programs require little to no assistance with daily living skills such as personal care or ambulating, but our Town Square Jersey Shore location offers assistance with daily living skills as well as reminiscence therapy to alleviate the effects of dementia. We also offer on-site therapy services–physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as part of our comprehensive care.


The types of services typical social model senior day cares offer include:

  • Gentle exercise and stretching
  • Mental stimulation games 
  • Creative expression through art therapies
  • Discussion groups
  • Birthday celebrations and holiday events
  • Musical entertainment
  • Nutritious meals and snacks, with special diets in mind
  • Local outings and social activities

Is a social adult day care center right for you?

If you are looking for any of the things listed below, then our social adult day care at Town Square is the perfect option:

  • A community space where you can look back on the past and connect with others
  • A secure and engaging place to spend the day
  • A place to socialize with people around your age and enjoy enriching activities
  • A place where you can improve your physical and mental health
  • A safe environment that provides family caregivers with peace of mind when they are unable to care for their loved one during the day

What are the differences between a social senior center and a social adult day care?

A social senior center is often a community-based service funded by the local community and may also receive state and federal funding. If one of these centers offers health services, they are likely to be basic screenings. They often provide classes to help their members learn things that will improve their daily lives, and are meant for senior citizens without serious health issues, as they do not make medical services available.

By contrast, social adult day cares are privately-run services and each one may offer a different spectrum of activities. Town Square is one of the most trusted social adult day enrichment brands in multiple states. We’re built to give our members with and without dementia and Alzheimer’s disease a safe and healthful place for socialization, remembrance, personal growth, and fun.

Our Jersey Shore location offers care services that include individualized assistance and integrated home care/before-and-after care, provided by our sister company, Senior Helpers.. Uniquely, our model not only provides highly engaging and entertaining things to do, but envelops our guests in a fully-realized setting with a large variety of storefronts, an approach that’s backed by the most innovative memory and brain research.

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