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Activities for Seniors With Dementia in Ocean County, NJ

Activities for Seniors With Dementia in Ocean County, NJ

At Town Square at the Jersey Shore, you’ll find yourself transported to mid-century America. Our 12,000-square-foot center is designed to replicate the experience of a small town from the 1950s and 1960s, creating an immersive backdrop for our varied, engaging, unique, and fun activities.

Our adult day programming helps our members foster connections, evoke cherished memories, explore their creativity, build new friendships, and live well overall. And each of our activity categories contributes to these goals in particular ways. See how Town Square works in person by scheduling a tour for you and your loved one, or read further to find out more.


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    Town Square uses the term “storefronts” for our themed activity areas, because like the corner stores of mid-century neighborhoods, each one has its own offerings and brings about a sense of comfort and community. These spaces serve as gateways to times gone by, allowing our members to find familiarity and connection.

    Within each storefront, our members participate in a variety of tailored activities led by our specially-trained team. Town Square’s focus is always on providing a meaningful and engaging experience that promotes healthful reminiscence and offers a sense of belonging. Our storefronts and the engaging programming offered at each are as follows:

    Glenner Park: Community Gathering

    Glenner Park is the heart of Town Square, named after memory care pioneer George G. Glenner. In this indoor green space, members can relax, converse with others, or take part in scheduled large group gatherings such as concerts, entertainment, and pet therapy.

    Starlite Theater – Classic Theater & Cinema

    At the Starlite Theater, members delight in the sights and sounds of the golden age of Hollywood. The iconic films of yesteryear are often cause for reminiscence and lively discussion, and we also host performances by guest artists and our talented members.

    City Hall – Central Office

    City Hall is the base of the Town Square at the Jersey Shore team. Our skilled professionals can be found here to answer any questions, offer assistance, or simply say hello. City Hall features a conference table which is perfect for our monthly Veterans Club and other small group member meetings.

    Rosie’s Diner – Nostalgic Dining

    Our members enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and snacks in our authentic diner storefront complete with a working jukebox.

    Little Blue House – Home Sweet Home

    The Little Blue House replicates a typical living room from the mid-20th century, making it the perfect space to listen to a nostalgic record, read a book, work on a puzzle,  or just relax and chat with new-found friends.

    Health Club – Staying Active Made Fun

    The Health Club at Town Square allows our members to get physically active with a sense of togetherness and joy – and we even bring the excitement of lawn games inside, with bocce, ladder ball, cornhole, croquet, putting, and more on our indoor green.

    Guys and Dolls Salon – Hair Cuts & Styling

    Our fully-equipped hair salon not only gives our members a chance for a fresh cut, hairstyle, or shave, its classic atmosphere encourages social connections and meaningful conversation. We always recommend calling in advance to book our popular salon services.

    Learning Center – Engagement for Curious Minds

    At this storefront, our members explore a world of technology, with virtual tours of museums, national parks, and travel destinations. A wide variety of reading materials and engaging presentations ignite curiosity and promote lifelong learning.

    Music & Memories – The Songs We Love

    Studies have shown that the human mind strongly associates music with formative memories, so our music appreciation storefront is built for our members to reminisce with fun activities including singalongs, music trivia, rhythm instruments, a collection of vinyls and a record player.

    Jimmy’s Newsstand – Extra, Extra!

    Our authentically styled vintage newspaper stand has not only timely and thought-provoking current periodicals, but also archival newspapers from the middle of the 20th century. This is a great storefront not only for getting informed, but also for setting the scene of world events as part of a reminiscence journey.

    Craft Corner – Creative Expression

    The Craft Corner lets our members tune into their artistic side in a safe and supportive environment. We regularly offer art and craft projects to help members find new ways to express themselves, and we proudly display completed works here.


    Mike’s Garage – Vintage Cars

    A restored vintage automobile is the centerpiece of Mike’s Garage, which is built to remind members of the service stations most Americans stopped at during road trips in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In other words, this is the perfect setup for reminiscing about iconic classic cars and the golden age of the interstate highway system.

    Recreation Center – Classic Games & Activities

    Our members socialize and bond as they test their skills at our recreation center, which features a pool table, nostalgic board games, and more. The technology in the Rec Center allows members to view live or historical moments of significant sporting events.

    Experience Exceptional Dementia Care at Town Square Jersey Shore

    Contact Town Square at the Jersey Shore today to set up a free tour of our location or to learn more about our daytime enrichment activities for seniors in Ocean County. To find out more about Town Square’s other locations serving other regions of New Jersey, visit Town Square Princeton or Town Square Marlton.

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