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A New Idea in Adult Day Care Services, Serving Fulton County

Town Square Sandy Springs offers a unique approach to addressing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory disorders – by surrounding seniors with familiar experiences and a comfortable and nostalgic setting.

Our care offers our members a happy, life-affirming experience five days a week. The connections they form with other members and our staff keeps laughter, memories, and learning experiences flowing. We welcome people at all levels of cognitive and memory functioning. Our level of care gives our members’ caregivers the peace of mind they need, and our members look forward to the next day of adventure and friendship. We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide and the smiling faces and glowing testimonials of our members!

Picture yourself stepping into an American small town in the 1950s. Step into Town Square Sandy Springs, and you’ll find the same experience. Based on reminiscence therapy pioneered by the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, our structures and aesthetics support our adult day services. Our unique model is not just for show, but a model of total care.

To find out how your loved one can become a member of our accepting, enriching community, reach out to us today. 


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    Town Square’s Model of Care

    According to research, people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have the ability to hold on to memories from their teens and twenties – what are commonly termed formative years. Patients with these conditions tend to readily recall memories from their youth. The memories that tend to slip are of more recent events, which may seem inaccessible or hazy.

    Most patients diagnosed with dementia currently grew up in the 1950s. Town Square’s design, that of a 1950s downtown area, is made to purposely evoke the members’ vivid memories of life during this important time in American history, and in their individual lives.

    While we all hope for a cure for dementia to be discovered in the near future, none yet exists. As of today, however, reminiscence therapy activities have proven benefits. This form of therapy offers a greater quality of life to people with memory conditions. It reduces anxiety, increases willingness to socialize and share experiences, and even offers a greater quality of sleep at night. Come tour our location and learn how your loved one can benefit from our unique approach to adult day care in Sandy Springs.

    How We Benefit Our Members, Their Loved Ones, and the Community

    Let us show you how you can gain a sense of security that comes with leaving your loved one in the hands of trusted dementia care professionals. We offer our members the chance to make new friends, learn new things, enjoy vintage recreation, and take part in performances. We love being part of the greater Sandy Springs community and invite local artists to provide guest events to our members. Visit us and learn how the best care is possible when everyone who is affected can be involved. You’ll witness for yourself the incredible experiences our members enjoy.


    Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a free tour of our facility – see why we’re the best adult enrichment center in Sandy Springs!