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Respite Care for the Elderly with Dementia in Sandy Springs, GA
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Respite Care for the Elderly with Dementia in Sandy Springs, GA

A person with dementia’s primary source of day-to-day support is typically one or more of that person’s loved ones. While family care partners play an essential role in the lives of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or another cognitive condition, they also usually have other responsibilities, meaning they can’t be there for their loved one all the time.

When primary care partners need to work, attend school, see to other matters, or simply rest, respite care from a trusted dementia care provider fills a critical need. However, the family members of individuals with dementia usually have hesitancy about placing their loved one in the care of professionals, even temporarily. They may feel guilty or in the wrong for doing so, and often worry about their loved one’s safety and happiness.

At Town Square Sandy Springs, we strive to offer Fulton and Dekalb County residents with cognitive conditions and their families a weekday respite care option that’s reliable, safe, engaging, fun, social, and therapeutic, providing both peace of mind and a joyous community setting that promotes learning, connections, recreation, and relaxation.

We emphasize friendship and personal choice for our members, allowing them to partake in a changing variety of guided and freeform activities in a social club-style atmosphere themed around the excitement of mid-century American culture. Contact us today to learn more about our compassionate and unique approach to adult day services or schedule a tour, or read below to find answers to common questions about respite care in the Atlanta area.

Does Georgia Have Respite Care?

Various elder care services in Georgia allow for respite care, which can take the form of in-home care, residential facility stays, and others. However, Town Square’s model of care makes us an affordable, flexible, and extremely helpful option for seniors who have dementia and their family care partners.

Town Square’s senior day services are available every weekday, we offer transportation between our center and our members’ homes, and many benefits (such as VA Aid & Attendance and long-term care insurance) can help defray the cost of our private-pay services. You can contact us at any time to consult with our experienced senior care staff about how to arrange care through us and financial assistance that may already be available to you.

How Soon Can Respite Care Be Arranged?

While some services offer emergency respite care on short notice, the best way to approach care partner’s respite is to plan in advance. Town Square always invites prospective members and their care partners to tour our location, see how we work in person, and decide if we’re right for you. We also make care consultations and planning sessions available, with expert advice on how respite care through Town Square can be a solid, consistent part of a well-planned journey with dementia.

How Long Does Respite Care for the Elderly Last?

Respite care is meant to be available for different lengths of time, depending on the care partner’s specific need for time away from their loved one. Our members can attend Town Square for two through five days a week, Mondays through Fridays. We bring North Atlanta area seniors together for full-day sessions of reminiscence, togetherness, and fun, from 8:30 AM through 5 PM, giving care partners the assurance their loved one is enjoying a safe, joyous, and healthful time during the entire workday.

What Are the Benefits of Respite Care?

Our members and their loved ones have seen a host of beneficial effects from respite care through Town Square, thanks to our clinically-backed model of senior day services that includes the latest in memory care and the revolutionary power of reminiscence therapy. With respite care from Town Square, our members can find new possibilities every day and a sense of community and purpose, making new friends, and enjoying both familiar and fresh hobbies in a nostalgic setting that sparks therapeutic remembrance.

A day at Town Square Sandy Springs holds not only recreation, bonding with peers, and sheer fun, but also total support for overall quality of life for people experiencing any stage of dementia. Our members who are in the early stages of a cognitive condition can manage their progression more smoothly and even mitigate the need for other kinds of care, such as assisted living, thanks to our rigorous focus on nutrition, physical and mental fitness, cognitive strategies, and beneficial social networks.

All our members may enjoy lower stress, more sleep at night, and improved wakefulness during the day, and their care partners benefit too, with more time for themselves, more quality time with their loved one, and the peace of mind that comes from our dementia care expertise.

Contact the team at Town Square Sandy Springs to schedule a tour of our center or learn more about how we provide the Atlanta area’s best respite care.