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Who Uses Adult Day Care?

Who Uses Adult Day Care?

Adult day care centers allow senior citizens to socialize and participate in engaging activities in a safe, welcoming, and supervised environment. At the same time, they give caregivers respite from their duties, helping to prevent burnout.

So, who uses adult day care? What types of people attend adult day care? And what are the benefits?

What types of people attend adult day care?

Adult day care is beneficial to many different types of older adults, particularly those who require supervised care or are isolated and wish to socialize.

Town Square caters to people from all walks of life, including those with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Our engaging activities are based on effective practices from reminiscence therapy, and we’re built to give people with or without cognitive issues enriching interaction, learning, and fun that improves their quality of life.

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What are the benefits of adult day care?

For the person attending, adult day care offers the following advantages:

  • Access to enjoyable, educational, and creative activities
  • Opportunity to connect, socialize, and make new friends, boosting mental and emotional health
  • Participation in safe physical exercise and activities that can improve fitness and overall health, including by improving balance to help prevent falls
  • A sense of independence from family members or caregivers, which enhances confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-agency, as the person has full control over the activities they choose to partake in
  • Mental, physical, and social stimulation, which can lift physical and mental health and pave the way for improved sleep

For the family or caregiver, adult day care also provides far-reaching benefits, including the following:

  • Respite from the demands of caregiving, which can reduce stress and mitigate the risk of burnout
  • Opportunity to engage in activities — both personal or professional — that they may not typically have time for, leaving them feeling refreshed and reinvigorated
  • More time to dedicate to other family members, such as their children
  • Peace of mind that their loved one is not becoming increasingly lonely, but is engaging in meaningful and safe social interactions

What is the average age of seniors enrolled in adult day services, and is there an age requirement?

Different adult day care centers cater to adults at varying stages of life and with diverse conditions. Some offer medical assistance, while others focus on social interaction and engagement. For this reason, it’s difficult to determine the average age of seniors enrolled in day care services. People aged anywhere from 60 to 90-plus often attend adult day programs.

In addition, there is no specific age requirement. However, attendees are generally older adults. At Town Square Sarasota, we encourage caregivers to attend with their loved one and experience how great a day spent with our friendly members and compassionate staff can be!

How can my loved one join an adult day care program?

The first step is finding a program that meets the unique needs of your loved one. Here at Town Square, our services are an excellent fit for senior citizens — with or without cognitive issues — with generally good physical health and sufficient levels of mobility.

If that sounds like your loved one, we recommend scheduling a tour with one of our friendly team members, so you can get to know us and what we can offer. Get in touch today to learn more about how Town Square helps seniors and their families throughout the Sarasota area.