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Engaging Brain Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients
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Engaging Brain Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients

Just about everyone who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia thinks “what can I do to help?” Memory and cognitive conditions have a major impact on every aspect of the lives of people who develop them, and giving loved ones with dementia effective support is vital.

Since there’s no cure for any form of dementia and treatment options are currently limited by the incomplete scientific understanding of how memory and cognitive disorders work, the best thing to focus on is improving your loved one’s quality of life. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by assisting them in remaining mentally and socially active.

Town Square’s adult day care services are ideal for helping seniors who are at any stage of a memory or cognitive disorder, or who are cognitively healthy, find engagement and connection in a safe, community-based location. We use our unique focus on reminiscence therapy to foster connections between our members and one another, our highly trained and empathetic staff, and the whole community. And our activities, which are run out of mid-century-themed areas called storefronts, are particularly suited to promoting learning, creativity, socialization, and cognitive health.

We offer our members the most valuable types of brain activities, which can be modified to benefit people with or without dementia, in our welcoming Perry Hall center.


The brain is the most complex organ in the body – we still don’t fully understand how it functions – but it’s still a body part. A healthy body is one of the best possible ways to support a healthy brain, and any amount of regular exercise makes a difference by increasing blood flow and maintaining hand-eye coordination. At Town Square, we make maintaining a healthy level of exercise easy and fun for seniors by offering daily fitness activities in a group setting.


Loneliness and isolation can be harmful to anyone’s mental health. But for those with a memory or cognitive disorder, a lack of social connection can impact their quality of life so badly that it makes their symptoms worse. Town Square combats these issues in a population that’s at risk for being cut off socially by promoting reminiscence, conversation, and friendship through the guidance of our dementia-trained staff.

Arts & Crafts

Working on an art project or hobby is not just a fulfilling use of time. It can give your hands and brain the workout you need to stay as mentally sharp and physically coordinated as possible. At Town Square Perry Hall, our Art Studio storefront offers our members a chance to freely express themselves through their handiwork or even learn an entirely new art form with our regularly scheduled classes and demonstrations.


For thousands of years, people have maintained gardens as a way to find inner peace and rest from their everyday life. Gardening is not only relaxing, it’s engaging for the body and mind alike. Our storefront, Dottie’s Garden Shop, allows our members to participate in flower arrangement, indoor garden growing, and generally develop their green thumbs.


Games & Puzzles

Mental challenges of all kinds – trivia, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, and others – are some of the best ways to keep our minds continually limber and maintain our memory recall and mental and verbal quickness. The Recreation Center at Town Square Perry Hall offers a vast selection of classic board games, puzzles, and more to keep our members’ minds active.

Appreciating Movies & Music

A nostalgic film or album can be more than just a great work of art – it can be a jumping-off point for therapeutic reminiscence. Town Square Perry Hall brings our members the classic media of the middle of the 20th century in the Starlite Theater, where we hold movie and TV showings, trivia, performances, theater groups, and more.

Sensory Activities

Research has shown that people with memory and cognitive impairments can benefit from sensory stimulation, and Town Square has the kinds of vintage props and real mid-century objects that can be an important part of both reminiscence and sensory therapy.


Contact Town Square Perry Hall today to see how your loved one can get started with our engaging and beneficial senior day programs, or learn more about our services and activities.