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What is Custodial Care?

What is Custodial Care?

Custodial care gives seniors the personal support they need to live a fulfilling daily life.

At Town Square at the Jersey Shore, you can integrate senior day care at Town Square with at-home custodial care, through our sister company, Senior Helpers, to create the care schedule that works best for you and your loved one.

What is the meaning of custodial care?

Custodial care is one-on-one personal assistance, usually for a senior or someone with special needs, to help with daily support and care like:

  • Eating
  • Mobility
  • Medication management
  • Using the bathroom
  • Companionship
  • Accompaniment to events or social activities 
  • And More

Custodial care at home may be partial day, full-day, or 24-hour care, and can include care tasks such as  bathing and getting dressed in the morning, transportation and meal preparation during the day, and getting ready for bed at night.

Custodial care is a broad category of care that includes all services defined as “companion care” and “personal care”.

Companion caregivers keep their clients company, monitor general well-being, and often help with light housework like cooking or laundry. Personal caregivers, on the other hand, provide specific personal assistance with activities like eating, bathing, and toileting. 

Skilled nursing care differs from custodial care in that it is not intended for individuals with long term needs. Skilled nursing care is for an interim period of time to support recovery, healing, or other medical needs. Custodial care is sometimes used to supplement skilled care, but most often to support long-term needs after discharge from skilled care. 

How do you provide custodial care for seniors?

At Town Square at the Jersey Shore, you have the option to arrange one-on-one custodial care for your loved one during their time at our adult day center.

With Town Square Adult Day Care combined with our custodial care services from Senior Helpers, your loved one can remain at home and independent as best as possible, and you can be sure they’re receiving the best possible individualized care.

How do Town Square’s senior care services work?

At any member’s first visit, we assess their individual needs, then design a programming schedule specifically for them. 

Our team is experienced, compassionate, and trained to provide the best experience for all our members. Our model is built around providing presence-centered memory care, including engaging activities in reminiscence therapy

The term memory care refers to senior care provided by professionals who are trained in the specific needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Reminiscence therapy — a proven, beneficial field of senior care pioneered by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers — is a type of memory care that evokes the memories from  an elderly person’s formative years to bring them joy and comfort.

Each one of our activity rooms (or “storefronts”) takes a different approach to enriching our members’ daily lives — through music, physical exercise, learning, social interaction, and much more. Each storefront makes up a part of our unique 12,000-square-foot facility, designed to resemble a 1950s town like the ones our members grew up in.

Adding individualized support to our adult day care services

We offer care to anyone who needs it throughout the day. Our staff can assist with daily needs like bathroom assistance and mobility while providing enriching experiences in our 1950s-themed facility.

When you arrange for your loved one to receive personal care during the day at Town Square, you ensure that they’ll have the most comfortable and fulfilling experience during their time at our facility.

With personal care, they’ll have one-on-one support from one of our certified staff members, to assist with:

  • Mobility
  • Using the Bathroom
  • Medication Reminders
  • Socializing
  • Feeling at ease and happy
  • And More

Whether or not your loved one requires personal care, all our members receive expert, compassionate attention and monitoring from our trained and experienced staff. 

Yet, if your loved one requires an extra layer of care, or if they’re accustomed to receiving individualized support, personal care can be a great way to ensure they have the attention they need for the best possible experience each day.

You also have the option to integrate adult day care at Town Square with at-home care and transportation, through our Senior Helpers of Ocean County. Regardless of whether you arrange personal care on-site at Town Square, integrated home care can help ensure that you, their family caregiver, have the support and flexibility you need to maintain your own life, while knowing your loved one is well cared-for during the day.


How does adult day care help with custodial care?

There are several differences to consider between personal care at an adult day center like Town Square, those provided at home through an agency like Senior Helpers, and those provided at senior living facilities.

At-home care with a health aide is convenient, because the caregiver comes directly to their client’s home. Yet you still may want to provide your loved one with the types of fulfilling daily activities and social interaction found at a senior day care center.

Assisted living communities and other senior care options such as nursing homes can provide stable 24-hour support, but this is often the most expensive option and (depending on the facility) these centers may offer limited options or lack the personal attention that seniors need to feel fully appreciated and fulfilled.

At Town Square at the Jersey Shore, our unique approach to adult day care is a cost-effective and meaningful alternative to nursing homes and other senior care solutions.

Here, your loved ones can meet their daily needs while living enjoyable daily experiences and maintaining the ability to live at home, so that they can lead more fulfilling lives.

Get quality senior day custodial care in New Jersey through Town Square at the Jersey Shore

At Town Square, we provide compassionate support to help you and your loved ones live your best lives. And by adding an extra layer of support through custodial care, you can rest assured your loved one will receive the best personalized care at every moment throughout the day.

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