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Newest Adult Enrichment Center in Sandy Springs, GA
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Newest Adult Enrichment Center in Sandy Springs, GA

There’s great news for seniors and their loved ones in the north Atlanta area. The newest adult day care center in metro Atlanta is now open – and we’re excited to bring our totally unique, engaging, safe, social, and fun programs and activities to the senior population. Town Square Sandy Springs is a state-of-the-art enrichment center that uses a reminiscence-focused approach, backed by neuroscience research, to improve the quality of life of senior citizens who may or may not be impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

What is Town Square Adult Enrichment Center Sandy Springs?

Our 12,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to replicate the look, feel, and sound of a vibrant small town in mid-century America. Our highly empathetic and skilled staff, who are specially trained to help people with dementia and other cognitive disorders, curate activities in themed areas called storefronts, each of which is modeled after community gathering places that were popular during that era..

Our philosophy is rooted in reminiscence therapy, which has proven benefits for people who are experiencing both dementia and the normal effects of aging. Reminiscence therapy, in which professionals guide patients to recall and discuss important memories from their youth, can reduce stress, increase socialization, and improve mood. It can also relieve some of the symptoms of memory and cognitive disorders, such as agitation and sleep loss. While there is no cure for any form of dementia yet, reminiscence therapy is effective in making the lives of people with dementia and their caregivers better, and we deliver therapeutic activities in a way that’s inclusive and fun, encouraging our members to make new friends and learn new things.

Town Square Sandy Springs offers services that go beyond the typical social adult day care. We have a nurse on-site at all times, we provide our members with medication reminders, and we allow for coordinated care so that members’ preferred medical practitioners can come treat them right at our center. Our team is both extremely qualified to help people with dementia live better lives and passionate about giving Sandy Springs area seniors and their families exceptional care.

Why Did Town Square Choose Sandy Springs?

We opened our center in Sandy Springs, a vibrant suburb of Atlanta, because we knew there was a need for this type of service in this community. According to the latest census data, 16% of Fulton County residents are aged 60 and older, so we wanted to serve these local seniors and their families with our vibrant, community-oriented programming. We sought out a very convenient but secure location, just off exit 6 of GA-400, that is easily accessible as well as safe for all our members.

Schedule a tour of Town Square Sandy Springs today or contact us – we’re happy to help you get started and excited to welcome you to our center.