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Frequently Asked Questions

At Town Square University Parkway, we know our unique model of senior day care makes people very curious. See below for answers to some of the most important questions we are asked, or contact us for any further inquiries.

Who is Town Square for?

Our center is for cognitively impaired individuals who need socialization, increased activity, and daily engagement to improve their quality of life. Although our members are our primary focus, Town Square also provides assistance for the loved ones and caregivers of these individuals. Caregiver stress is a significant factor in the decision to place an individual in a long-term care community, and it is the goal of Town Square to alleviate as much of this stress as possible.

Which adult day care model is Town Square University Parkway?

We are a combined social and medical model adult day center. We offer both enriching activities and full medical services through our trusted partners. Our senior-focused primary care, psychiatric care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy will hopefully provide one-stop shopping for all of our members’ medical needs. Contact us with any further questions about what we offer.

How do I get started at Town Square University Parkway?

We highly encourage you to schedule a tour for you and your loved one to see all Town Square University Parkway offers.  Contact us to set up your tour.

When is Town Square open?

Town Square University Parkway is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Who is a member?

A member is anyone who attends Town Square’s adult day care. 

Who is a responsible party?

A responsible party is an individual who supports a member. A responsible party can be the caregiver, a Power of Attorney (POA), a Guarantor, a family member, or a loved one.

Who is a caregiver?

A caregiver is anyone providing care for another individual. More often than not, a spouse or a family member becomes the primary caregiver for an individual who has dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, mobility issues, or sight impairments.

Is caregiver burnout real?

Yes, and this factor is often not fully realized by the caregiver or their family. The stress on caregivers can cause negative physical and emotional effects. Caregivers have 24/7 responsibility for their loved ones often with little or no respite for themselves. Due to the long hours and the intense labor involved, caregivers’ health, well-being, and mental state often decline more rapidly than that of the person with dementia. Dementia is a progressive neurological disorder that is terminal. Individuals with this condition will require increasing medical care and personal assistance for their activities of daily living. Caregivers cannot help their loved ones effectively if they themselves are unable to get support.

What support does Town Square offer for caregivers?

Town Square at University Parkway believes that resources are key to ensuring the success of each member and their responsible party or caregiver. Town Square offers educational classes, local resources, support groups, and monthly events. In addition, Town Square also provides a full list of medical services to make sure that all avenues are accounted for regarding the safety and well-being of a responsible party and a member.

What medical services does Town Square offer?

Town Square’s innovative adult day center offers primary care services with Coastal Senior Healthcare, behavioral & psychiatric services with Gulfside Behavioral Care NP, quarterly podiatry care, audiology, and dermatology services. Our medical model will also include lab services for quick and easy results. Please view our partner page for more information. 

What is the hourly rate?

Town Square offers daily membership services. However, if a member is attending Town Square five days a week, our hourly rate is approximately $16 an hour.

What membership options does Town Square offer?

Town Square offers five different packages: Platinum (five days a week), Gold (four days a week), Silver (three days a week), Bronze (two days a week), and Daily (one day a week). Research has found the more active a senior is and the more engagement that is in their life, the better their health prospects are long-term.

Are there any additional fees for Town Square outside of the selected package?

Town Square offers two additional services that are not included in our packages. These services are extended times and showering assistance. Please contact the Center Director to find out more about Town Square’s additional services and pricing.

How does partner pricing work?

Town Square partners with local vendors to offer medical services within our center. Most of these partners accept health insurance which may include private insurers and Medicare. However, we recommend that all families contact each partner directly to discuss pricing, insurance, and availability.

Does Town Square University Parkway provide transportation?

No, Town Square does not provide transportation. However, we can connect families to local resources that offer transportation services within our area.

How is Town Square University Parkway different from other adult day centers?

Our key difference is that we are highly trained dementia and cognitive impairment specialists. Our team is well versed in the care of members with dementia and strives to improve the quality of their lives as well as their caregiver. Our very structure also makes Town Square University Parkway unique – our layout resembles small-town USA in the 1950s and 1960s. This helps anchor our reminiscence therapy-based programming, which provides people with dementia a fulfilling and meaningful experience using their formative memories as a starting point. Because our team is highly trained in dementia and cognitive disorders, each member is appropriately assessed to determine their current level of functioning. This specialized care helps members engage with other members at the same cognition level as themselves and be successful at Town Square.

How can an adult daycare help the surrounding community?

Caregivers typically start off doing simple tasks for a loved one. These, however, can become overwhelming with time. Many people prefer to age at home rather than in a medical facility. It is possible for senior citizens to stay in their homes longer if they and their caregivers have access to the proper tools and resources. With our Platinum package, our team is responsible for the care of our members for a third of each day Monday through Friday. This allows the caregivers to handle other responsibilities and practice self-care during the workweek.

Contact us to schedule your free tour of Town Square University Parkway or to ask any further questions – we’re always happy to help.

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