Spark Memories at Town Square

Town Square provides a safe, comforting, and delightful environment where seniors can spend the day while family members are at work, running errands, or taking a much-needed break from daily routines.

Our innovative centers are designed to put members at ease and spark memories of the past by featuring a variety of nostalgic 1950s-themed activity rooms called storefronts.

Throughout the day, members take part in a wide range of engaging activities with a focus on enjoying favorite pastimes, reminiscing with friends, and developing new interests. This can include shooting pool with friends in the Game Room, arranging flowers in Dottie’s Garden Shop, getting together for book club in the Library, or playing lawn games in Glenner Park.

The monthly calendar includes a variety of special events, including themed celebrations, visiting entertainment, guest speakers, music, gentle exercise, cognitive stimulation, creative expression, and so much more. Members end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and community.

Experts in Senior Care

All staff members receive continuous and extensive training on compassionate senior care methods, including expert-developed Alzheimer’s and dementia care, reminiscing techniques, and how to lead engaging, inclusive, and enjoyable activities for all
ability types.

A Rewarding Experience

A day at Town Square is designed to include the essential categories of activities that help people feel valued and purposeful (productive, leisure, restorative, and self-care and wellness). This well-rounded experience provides members with a sense of accomplishment and pride at the end of the day.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our members and staff is always our top priority. Town Square offers an elder-friendly and accessible environment with rigorous cleaning standards determined by state and national guidelines. In addition, an RN is on staff to assess members’ needs and assist with medical issues.

Connecting Through Stories

A primary focus of everything we do at Town Square, from the design of the center to our proprietary activities to our staff training, revolves around encouraging members to reminisce and share stories about their past. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story matters. In fact, hearing members share their life experiences is our favorite part of spending time at Town Square! 

Reminiscing is an important part of the day at Town Square because it allows members to experience the past through thoughtfully planned activities supported by the unique environment. Our Program Assistants are trained to provide conversation prompts that help members open up and feel comfortable reminiscing about their past. The ability to recall and reflect on the past helps seniors remember who they used to be in order to help them define their identity in the current moment.

Town Square has been the perfect solution for my mother. She looks forward to the time she spends there during the day and enjoys the friends she’s made. 
Kathleen B., Towson, MD

Engaging Through Activity

A typical day at Town Square incorporates a wide range of proprietary activities that are carefully designed to appeal to a variety of interests and can be customized for ability level. Activities take place inside one of our many themed storefronts, creating an experience that is immersive and, well, just plain fun! 

Throughout the day, Program Assistants focus on encouraging members to try new things, participate in beloved hobbies, and engage with each other while making friends along the way.

Members also enjoy a nutritious lunch and light snacks; down time for resting, reading, or reflection; and free time to enjoy a favorite storefront or visit with friends. Members head home each day with new experiences to share, stories to tell, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Town Square provides:

  • A well-rounded selection of activities designed to cover essential areas of wellbeing.
  • Social participation with peers in an inviting atmosphere
  • An opportunity to try new things and reengage in beloved hobbies
  • Weekly guest entertainment (musicians, choral groups, magicians, guest speakers, pet therapy, and much more)
  • A sense of accomplishment and pride at the end of the day

Benefits of Town Square

Town Square provides many positive and rewarding benefits for our members, their families, and our community, including:

For Seniors

A sense of independence and accomplishment

An experience that supports
self-identity, self-esteem, and mood

Opportunity to try new things and enjoy favorite pastimes

Interactive games and exercises to help reduce loneliness and depression

For Families

Peace of mind knowing loved ones are in a safe and enjoyable environment

Flexible payment options, including private pay, long term care insurance, and VA provider

RN on-site during operating hours

Medication reminders

Nutritious meals and snacks

For Communities

Established senior care experts available to support families’ needs

Community-based special events, guest speakers, and entertainment

Outreach and mentorship programs with younger generations

Unique evening and weekend rental space for events, celebrations, meetings, and more

A Place for Everyone

Whether your loved one is experiencing the normal effects of aging or showing signs of cognitive impairment, a day at Town Square offers something for everyone.

See how our mission to create a meaningful, engaging, and rewarding experience for our members comes to life with a center tour! Find a location near you.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community and showing you everything Town Square has to offer. So please, if you have any questions about: the types of adult day care available, what our senior enrichment center doeswhat our senior activities for locals arehow we redefine adult day care, or how our adult day cares differs from an adult healthcare we will gladly introduce you into to the future of adult day care.

*Benefits and services vary by location