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Our Adult Day Services

Creating an enriching environment

Town Square University Parkway offers innovative adult day care services that are structured for both people with an impairment and for their caregivers. It’s through our programming that we bring enrichment to seniors in Manatee County. Our model helps us create a fulfilling environment offering education, support, and social connection, within a therapeutic reminiscence atmosphere.

Our Commitment to Dementia Care

Imagine waking up one day and not recognizing your surroundings or any of the people you come into contact with. You can’t recall the date or year, and all the information you can gather just confuses you more. This would be distressing and painful for anyone, but for those with a memory disorder, it can be a regular occurrence. That is why we’re devoted to helping relieve the symptoms and involuntary behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia through reminiscence therapy.

While we welcome people with varying degrees of cognitive and physical abilities, we particularly gear our services towards the needs of our members with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Our staff have full dementia training and are experts in the most beneficial ways to interact with people who have a cognitive impairment. Learn more about our robust dementia care background.


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    Our activity model

    We understand that people’s interests and preferences may change over time. Town Square University Parkway provides a wide range of activities that all members can find enjoyment and stimulation. We also hope to give our members a sense of freedom they may otherwise not have experienced at home.

    Our members’ active participation is what makes Town Square University Parkway such a welcoming and beneficial place. We bring people together, whether they’re here every weekday or just for a short seasonal stay.

    At Town Square, activities take place in themed areas called storefronts. Each storefront is made to help our members vividly remember specific times in their young adulthood.

    Contact us to inquire further, or schedule a free tour – when you see us in person, you’ll understand why we’re the best local adult day care option.


    Town Square University Parkway features 14 different storefronts, each offering different categories of activities. Thanks to our wide range of activity areas, all of our members have the freedom to choose between different storefronts and activities that interest them.

    Chumley’s Garage

    During the golden age of the interstate highway system, young people across the country looked forward to road trips with family and friends in one of the now-classic cars of this era. At Chumley’s Garage, we display a perfectly-restored iconic 1956 four-door Pontiac Chieftain as a jumping-off point for discussion about this amazing time for American cars and travel.

    Rosie’s Diner

    We make nutritious and tasty meals, and snacks available to our members in our authentic-style 1950’s diner storefront, complete with a jukebox. Rosie’s Diner is just as hopping as the beloved diners our members remember from the ‘50s and ‘60s! Town Square members will enjoy breakfast and lunch daily in this nostalgic diner.

    Glenner Park

    Named after one of the most important figures in the development of memory care, George G. Glenner, this lovely green space of Glenner Park is one of our central gathering places inside Town Square. We hold large events and activities here, but members can also visit Glenner Park simply to relax, read, and converse.

    Starlite Theater

    The middle of the 20th century produced some of the most iconic films and TV shows in American history. These cinematic moments are memories that our members hold most dear . The Starlite Theater hosts showings, discussions, film trivia, karaoke, and performances by members and outside artists.

    City Hall

    Our central office for our staff and medical professionals are located inside the City Hall storefront. Here, the members of our staff can be found to answer any questions or simply to say hello. For a list of partners in City Hall click here.

    Health Club

    At the Town Square University Parkway Health Club, our members enjoy fitness classes aided with the latest technology as well as other general large group fitness activities. We will also be offering physical and occupational therapy services inside our Health Club storefront.


    Our library is an incredible place for learning. It stocks a great selection of books as well as vintage magazines from the middle of the 20th century.

    Art Studio

    At the Town Square Art Studio, our members can exercise their creativity and learn new arts and craft techniques with our regularly scheduled demonstrations and guided projects.

    Recreation Center

    The Recreation Center acts as a fun billiards room, as well as hosting fun pastimes from the middle of the last century. Members can enjoy a pool table, vintage board and card games, puzzles, and more.

    Spinners Music

    The ‘50s and ‘60s saw the birth of rock & roll and laid the foundation for all American popular music to come. Spinners Music is a great place to groove to the best tunes of the early days of rock, play music trivia, join a singalong, or just take in a guest musical performance.

    Guys and Dolls Salon

    Great styling services are available to our members at the Guys and Dolls Salon – this storefront offers men’s and women’s haircuts, hairstyling, manicures, and more. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment at our salon in advance as demand is always high.

    Dottie’s Garden Shop

    At Dotties’s Garden Shop, our members have the chance to arrange flowers, exercise their green thumbs with an array of indoor plants, or just relax in the beautiful and serene surroundings. Attached to Dotties’s Garden Shop is a beautiful outdoor space for members to enjoy our wonderful Florida weather year round.

    PHIL’s Newsstand

    Phil’s Newsstand offers a selection of periodicals – both current and vintage – for our members to peruse.

    Little Blue House

    The Little Blue House mimics a comfy living room from the middle of the 20th century. It’s the place to watch classic TV, listen to a great record, play the organ, or simply get some R&R.

    Our Other Services

    We’re mindful to structure our services and programming to fit the needs of our community and especially our local seniors. Visit our FAQ page or contact us for more information on our full service slate.

    As previously stated, our medical model offers our members and their loved ones the opportunity to receive medical services inside our Town Square atmosphere. For a full list of partners and medical services please see our partners tab.

    Contact Town Square University Parkway today to schedule a tour or for more information.

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