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Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Burlington County, NJ

Activities for Seniors with Dementia in Burlington County

Once upon a time in New Jersey, most homes had a silver milk box on their doorstep. The milkman delivered fresh milk in glass bottles to the households every morning and carted away the empties. Many seniors living with dementia and memory loss may not know what day it is, but they recall the clatter of bottles when the milkman arrived.

Reminiscing is a powerful tool that can improve mental health. It can open a world of wonders for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our complex brains store long-term and short-term memories in different parts of the brain. Reminiscent therapy can tap into fond recollections from the past and promote cognitive and emotional well-being.

At Town Square at Marlton, our revolutionary reminiscence therapy approach is unlike any other adult day care center. Set in a small town in the 1950s, our innovative adult day enrichment community offers a variety of stimulating activities. Inside 13 vintage storefronts are new adventures designed to enrich the lives of seniors living with memory loss.

Explaining Our Storefront Activities for Seniors

Each of our 13 retro storefronts has its own theme and vintage decor. Every space serves a specific purpose designed to educate, entertain, and encourage socializing. From playing shuffleboard in Marlton’s Recreation Center to baking muffins at Rosie’s Diner, our themed storefronts spark creativity and encourage teamwork.

Glenner Park

The heart of Town Square Enrichment Center is Glenner Park, an outdoor oasis named after George G. Glenner, the pioneer of reminiscence therapy. Spread throughout the space are vintage park benches and greenery. Members can socialize with new friends, exercise, or enjoy a performance by guest artists.

City Hall

City Hall is our staff headquarters. Our team is always happy when members or their caregivers drop by for a chat here. Whether you’ve got questions or concerns or just want to say hello, please feel free to stop by anytime.

Rosie’s Diner

From crafting mini pizzas on English muffins to mixing up a bowl of dough, cooking clubs are a great way to enjoy home-cooked food and make new friends. Reminisce about childhood memories in the kitchen with Mom. Or share favorite recipes while munching yummy treats. And our talented staff serves up healthy meals.

Starlite Theater

Remember the glitz and glamour when Hollywood stars filled the cinema with sultry romance and daring adventure? In the Starlite Theater, we screen everything from iconic films to cherished TV shows. Enjoy a good laugh with classic comedians or tap your feet to a Broadway tune. The shared experience of watching a movie together connects our hearts and lifts our souls.

Health Club

Achieve your wellness goals and get fit with our group exercise classes and movement-based activities. Staying active is not only healthy for the body, but it also stimulates the mind.

Learning Center

Toss the ball and pick up the jacks. Juggle a slinky. Embark on a virtual journey to foreign lands. Every day, there is something different to discover in our Learning Center. Relive old experiences and share new adventures with your peers.

Craft Corner

The crafts our members create not only nurture fine motor skills and innovative thinking but also bring pleasure to the local community. Their clever creations provide personal satisfaction while delivering smiles to places like a veterans’ nursing home.


Mike’s Garage

Town Square at Marlton has got a red 1955 Doge Royal Lancer parked inside our garage, a car that traveled many a New Jersey road back in the day. Mike’s is a favorite hub where our members gather and reminisce about the long and winding journey of their lives.

Music & Memories

Music therapy can be a powerful strategy to trigger memories and emotions and improve cognitive function. In Music & Memories, members can play DJ and put a record on the turntable or keep the beat in a drum circle and whistle a happy tune.

Recreation Center

Challenge your peers to a friendly game of shuffleboard. Try not to topple a wooden Jenga tower. Charge your spirit with a group Uno game. Games are good fun and also enhance memory and problem-solving skills. Stay vibrant and alert by enjoying different activities each day inside our Recreation Center.

Phil’s Newsstand

Enjoy a blast from the past while thumbing through vintage newspapers and magazines. Or stay informed on current events with the daily paper and striking up a discussion with your peers.

Little Blue House

A generous soul donated a piano to our Little Blue House, a space designed like an old-fashioned living room. It takes you back to 1950s America when families gathered together and had sing-alongs. Featuring comfy sofas and chairs, it’s a place to unwind, chat, and hum some tunes.

Guys & Dolls Salon

Studies show that touch is central to socialization and well-being. What better way to enjoy the sense of touch from another person than by enjoying a shave or a shampoo? Whether it’s a fresh haircut or a new color, our stylists will brighten up your look. And if it’s time to tidy your nails, our manicures and pedicures are soothing and professional.

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