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Dementia Care in Burlington County, NJ

Dementia Care in Burlington County, NJ

Town Square at Marlton offers a one-of-a-kind approach to dementia care, catering especially to our members who are living with Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, or memory loss.

Our expansive center was thoughtfully designed to awaken members’ fondest memories. Modeled after a mid-century American town, Town Square creates an immersive and all-encompassing experience.

Within our location, daily activities unfold across 13 storefronts, each a unique and engaging space for connection, relaxation, and engagement. In every detail, these authentic storefronts capture the essence of the era, featuring classic cars, healthful and delicious food, iconic movies, soulful music, and beloved TV shows. These elements serve as a backdrop for varied activities that evoke cherished memories.

Our philosophy revolves around recognizing the individual qualities of each member. We aim to understand specific needs, preferences, and levels of ability, enabling us to create personalized programming.

Our dedicated staff members are trained and certified in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. We strongly emphasize continuing education and ensure our team maintains their expertise and remains up-to-date with the latest in memory care.

Thanks to the guidance of our expert leadership team and our extensive experience in senior care, our programs elevate each member’s quality of life. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free tour of our center.


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    What is dementia care?

    Dementia care is a specialized approach designed to support individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, various forms of dementia, or memory loss.

    What are the best ways to care for someone with dementia?

    Caring for someone with dementia involves understanding their individual needs and preferences. Creating personalized routines and providing a safe and supportive environment are key. Trained professionals like our team members play a crucial role in ensuring the best care possible.

    What is a day care center for people with dementia?

    A day care center for people with dementia offers a supportive environment during daytime hours. It provides activities, social interaction, and supervision tailored to the needs of individuals living with dementia, allowing caregivers to have respite.

    How do day centers help people with dementia and their families?

    Town Square’s day centers offer a structured and engaging environment that enhances the lives of individuals with dementia. Our adult day programs provide meaningful activities, social engagement, and a focus on overall health.. For families, we offer respite, allowing them to balance caregiving responsibilities with personal needs.

    13 Types of Specialized Dementia Care Activities at Town Square at Marlton

    Within the nostalgic ambiance of our mid-century-inspired facility, Town Square at Marlton offers a diverse range of dementia care activities across our 13 unique storefronts. These activities are tailored to benefit our senior members and evoke cherished memories.

    Glenner Park: Our Community Hub

    Members gather on park benches to converse and enjoy various activities and performances with large groups.

    City Hall

    Visit our welcoming central office to connect with our staff, engage in small group discussions, participate in our Veterans’ Club, or attend other meetings.


    Catch up with friends over classic tunes from the jukebox and savor healthful meals and snacks.


    Join us at the Starlite Theater for screenings of vintage mid-century TV shows, musicals, and movies.


    Our health-focused area hosts large group exercise classes and movement-based activities.

    Learning Center

    The Learning Center fosters curiosity, mental engagement, and cognitive skill development.


    Members can express their artistic talents and build manual and mental skills in our therapeutic Craft Corner.


    Mike’s Garage: Embrace your inner car enthusiast

    At Mike’s Garage, members reminisce about road trips, classic cars, and the golden age of the highway system in a setting styled after a local service station complete with a fully restored vintage vehicle on display.


    Members join in the musical fun with singalongs, Name That Tune, drum circles, and other group activities.

    Recreation Center: Unwind and Play

    Engage in friendly competition with pool, classic board games, and more at our Recreation Center.

    Phil’s Newsstand

    Pick up vintage periodicals to spark nostalgic memories or browse for more current reads at Phil’s Newsstand.

    Little Blue House: Make Yourself at Home

    Members enjoy a chance to relax in the cozy mid-20th-century living room of the Little Blue House.

    Gusys and Dolls Salon

    Members can get pampered with a fresh hairdo or shave at Guys & Dolls Salon while enjoying the company of peers and new friends.

    Experience Exceptional Dementia Care at Town Square in Marlton

    To arrange a tour, engage in our activities, or enroll at Town Square Marlton, please contact us now. Discover the unique approach that Town Square at Marlton offers as an innovative adult day care center committed to fostering happiness and meaning in the lives of seniors.

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