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Who benefits from an Adult Day Center

Adult Day Centers provide a secure and safe environment for those who can benefit from an additional social and physical activity outside of the home.  Many caregivers are unfamiliar with Adult Day Centers and are relieved to find out there’s a resource available that can prolong the need to move a loved one out of the home and into costly assisted living care.  The cost of attending a day center 5 days a week can be as little as a quarter of the cost of moving into an assisted living community full-time.

Adult Day Centers offer many opportunities for attendees to participate in daily physical, mental and social activities that are meant to engage, stimulate and instill an ongoing sense of purpose and belonging while freeing up the caregiver to focus on their own needs and well-being during the day.


Full-time caregivers are at great risk of denying themselves the same care they provide to a loved one.  A mentally and physically exhausted caregiver is at much greater risk of getting sick or hurt and finding themselves in a position where they can no longer provide the sometimes-exhaustive care that is sometimes required.  Caregivers can become so focused on taking care of someone else, they forget to take care of themselves.

An Adult Day Center can provide as much value to the caregiver as it does to the person attending.  While you are technically only paying for the care of your loved one, the benefits will affect both in many of the same ways!  Caregivers need physical, mental, and social activities in their own lives to be healthy and happy.  An Adult Day Center offers the opportunity for everyone to be happier and healthier.