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Town Square is a revolutionary new model in adult day care. Founded in the latest research in reminiscence therapy and memory care, as well as high-quality senior care provided by an experienced, trained staff — we’re redefining what’s possible in senior care.

Our facility is designed to replicate a classic American town from the 1950s. Throughout our space are 12 storefronts, which are themed activity spaces — including a movie theater, a classic diner, a health club, and much more — each with its own schedule of programming.

This design allows us to offer an immersive, therapeutic approach to reminiscing. Every aspect of our facility helps evoke memories of the world our members grew up in and helps engage them in meaningful daily activities.

Reminiscence therapy, a field pioneered by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, gives us the framework for engaging our members in reminiscence activities, yielding a range of mental and emotional benefits, such as reduced anxiety, better sleep, increased socialization, and improved overall happiness.

Meanwhile, the presence of a nurse on staff at all times, along with the credentials and training of all our staff, allows us to provide a safe environment for senior care, where we can take care of seniors at a wide range of ability levels.

All together, this is an engaging and fulfilling option for senior care that can be a great experience for you or your loved one — at a cost that’s more affordable than most assisted living or home care arrangements.

Come discover how we can make a difference in your life and those of your loved ones at Town Square Perry Hall.


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    Town Square is leading an important development in senior care in this country.

    Our activities are designed to be beneficial to seniors of all cognition levels, including those experiencing the normal effects of aging, as well as seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

    Our spacious facility is a replica of a classic American town from the 1950s. Here, our 12 storefronts feature a wide range of therapeutic and engaging activities — from art and gardening to classic cars and vintage table games, and much more.

    This design is much more than just a nifty idea. It’s rooted in the practice of reminiscence therapy, which is a therapeutic approach to evoking an elderly person’s most cherished memories.

    An Innovative Approach to Adult Day Care in MD

    Serving Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, and Beyond

    Memory loss is not uncommon with aging, and as it occurs, recent memories are typically the first to be affected. However, long-term memories, especially those from a person’s teens and twenties, are the ones that remain strong and vibrant for the longest time. For today’s seniors, those years largely took place in the 1950s and early 1960s.

    Reminiscence therapy, a field pioneered by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, taps into those memories to yield a series of mental and emotional benefits. First, by accessing the memories and thoughts that they have the strongest grasp on (as opposed to the confusion around more recent memories), seniors receive a sense of comfort and relief. Exploring these memories can also be a way to create social connections and feelings of fulfillment or joy.

    The relief of stress can even have secondary cognitive benefits, such as improved sleep at night and greater clarity during the day.

    While it’s important to note that reminiscence therapy does not cure or prevent dementia, it can offer a significant improvement in the lives of seniors — both those with and without dementia.

    At Town Square Perry Hall, everything we do — including the reminiscence activities provided at our 12 storefronts and the immersive 1950s design of our facility — is inspired by this therapeutic approach to reminiscing.

    You or your loved one can be a part of this exciting new offering in adult day care. To learn more, schedule a free tour, or enroll at Town Square Perry Hall, please complete our contact form or call 410-847-2150.



    Town Square Perry Hall is a vibrant and active community that welcomes members from throughout Maryland’s senior population, as well as their family members and caregivers.

    In addition to our robust range of activities and programs, we provide a strong foundation of nursing and essential medical care, to give you peace of mind that your loved one’s health and safety are well-cared-for.

    We have a nurse on site at all times, and all our staff members are trained in an essential level of senior care and memory care. The level of credentials and expertise of our staff allows us to manage medications, monitor vital statistics like blood pressure, and provide memory screenings. It also means that our staff has the medical skills to respond in the case of an emergency.

    In addition, we provide our facility as a space for you to coordinate care with outside providers. So if your loved one regularly sees a visiting physical therapist, podiatrist, audiologist, physician, or another specialist — you can arrange to use our facility as a place to receive that care.

    By providing a strong foundation in medical care, along with an exciting array of therapeutic and engaging activities, at Town Square Perry Hall, we’re proud to offer a vibrant and safe environment for members of Maryland’s senior community.


    Our full range of services is designed around the benefits of reminiscing. Our approach uses vintage prompts like music, images, movies, and games to spark important memories from our members’ lives, encourage them to express themselves and share their stories, and promote social and mental wellbeing.

    Town Square’s reminiscing activities are inspired by the reminiscence therapy system originally developed by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers. These activities can indulge any of the five senses — often through therapeutic activities like art, music, or storytelling.

    While this approach was developed to tap into the strengths of people with dementia, a walk down memory lane can have mental and emotional benefits to any adult, giving us an opportunity to express ourselves, share our stories, revisit important memories, and make strong social connections with peers.

    For all these reasons, a day at Town Square Perry Hall can give seniors a sense of value and purpose, while reducing stress and improving happiness.


      It’s not uncommon for one of our members to see the 1955 Chevy at Chumley’s garage and light up with a story about someone they knew who drove that car — or for someone to watch one of their old favorite shows at our Little Blue House and begin to share, with a smile, their favorite things about that show.

      All 12 of our storefronts are rich vehicles for engaging our members in vital memories from their formative years.

      Every day, our members enjoy thoughtful activities, form new friendships, and develop new interests. Our storefronts are a daily opportunity to learn something new, participate in gentle physical exercises, or play a stimulating game with a friend.

      Whether you want to read a vintage magazine at Phil’s Newsstand, watch a movie at the Starlite theater, do gardening at Dottie’s Garden Shop, or gather with friends in Glenner Park — there’s always something happening at the storefronts at Town Square Perry Hall.

      In addition to our daily programming, our storefronts are also home to special events and performances, such as live music, guest speakers, and more.


      Most other adult day care facilities offer a safe and supportive environment, with their community’s best interest in mind. But at Town Square, we aim to take senior care a step further.

      We’re the first in the country to offer this type of immersive reminiscence experience, a place that inspires imagination, passion, and a vibrant sense of community — a model you won’t find anywhere else in the State of Maryland.

      We invite you to join us for a free event, take a tour, book your own event in our facility after hours, or enroll as a Town Square member — and find out for yourself about everything Town Square Perry Hall has to offer. So please, if you have any questions about what a senior enrichment center doeswhat kind of local senior activities we have availablewhat an adult medical day care is, or how adult day cares compare to an adult healthcare we will gladly introduce you into to the future of adult day care.


      We can be an exciting venue for your next event, full of conversation-starters and unique spaces.

      Types of events held here include (but aren’t limited to):
      • Bridal and baby showers
      • Weddings
      • Family reunions
      • Graduation parties
      • Anniversary parties
      • Birthday parties
      • Company parties
      • Team-building events
      • And more


      Welcoming Place for my Husband

      Town Square has been a very welcoming place for my husband and for our family. The staff goes out of their way to make everyone feel special. They have an assortment of valuable activities that keep everyone moving in a forward path to a better quality of life.

      – Pat Brand, wife of David Brand
      Dad Came Out of His Shell

      Within just two or three days Dad came out of his shell. He was treated warmly and lovingly by every staff member. He was also talking and laughing. Soon he was able to intermittently tell me about some of the people and activities he interacted with during the day. He danced with the ladies, told jokes and sang to his heart’s content. This is the happiest he has been since mom died and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This place is a gift from God!

      – Maryann Hiteshaw, daughter of John Ashe
      Town Square Has Been A Blessing

      Town Square has been a blessing for us after two previous day care arrangements did not work out. The staff are so welcoming and loving as they greet clients in the morning and are really creative in keeping them active during the day.

      – Lois Hybl
      An Amazing Place for Seniors to Engage

      Town Square is an amazing place for seniors to engage with each other and enjoy various activities. My mother attends this facility and she loves it, too bad it’s not an Assisted Living because I would definitely have her reside there.

      – Katrina Gardner, daughter of Betty Jones
      Thanks for posting my Mom's picture on Facebook

      “Thanks for posting my Mom’s picture on Facebook regarding the Flag Day activity. Even though she did not remember the activity when asked about it, the picture helped her recall it and brought a smile to her face. Thank you!”

      - Mark L.

      Contact us today to inquire about enrollment in Town Square or find your local center today!

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