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Adult Day Programs in Baltimore County, Maryland

Adult Day Programs in Baltimore County, Maryland

Discover whole-person support, engagement, and joy with Town Square’s adult day program in Baltimore County, MD. We provide a lifeline for seniors needing enrichment and care during the daytime hours on weekdays, as well as for caregivers seeking respite.

Town Square Perry Hall is a place where senior care is reimagined. We offer an inviting, secure environment for seniors to form social bonds, take part in a schedule of specially tailored and enjoyable activities, and get the benefits of therapeutic reminiscence in the care of our highly trained team.

What Are Adult Day Programs, and Who Do They Benefit?

Adult day programs are a care option for seniors wanting company and activities during the day. They also serve as a helping hand for caregivers in need of respite. These programs serve up a mix of socialization, care, and support, all in a safe group setting that feels like a community.

Town Square Perry Hall functions like a social club geared towards older adults with or without a dementia diagnosis, and our members can attend any number of days from Monday-Friday. This makes it convenient for caregivers to manage their work-life balance while ensuring their loved ones are not alone at home but rather enjoying their day to the fullest.


What Are the Key Benefits of Adult Day Programs in Baltimore County, MD?

Town Square’s adult day program in Baltimore County, MD comes with a host of advantages for seniors and their caregivers:

  • Time to Recharge for Caregivers: Caring for a loved one is a full-time job. We give caregivers a necessary pause to rest and take care of personal matters.
  • More Social Time: Our adult enrichment program is a social hub where members can chat, laugh, and share stories, staving off loneliness and keeping spirits high.
  • A Boost to Well-Being: Being part of a group and engaging in various activities not only brightens the day but also contributes to an overall sense of fulfillment.
  • Safe and Supervised: Safety is a top priority. Thanks to our professional supervision, families can have peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for in a secure environment.
  • Daily Engagement: From music and games to art and exercise, every day is filled with enjoyable activities tailored to seniors’ interests and abilities.
  • Health Services: Access to care from our on-site nurse ensures our members’ day-to-day health needs are met.

Our program offers a comfortable, engaging, and caring day away from home for seniors, enriching their lives and providing caregivers with the support they need. Schedule a free tour to see the difference an adult day program can make for you and your family.

Why Choose Town Square Perry Hall for Adult Day Programs?

In Baltimore County, Town Square Perry Hall stands out by offering a unique twist on adult day programs with a strong focus on reminiscence therapy. Here’s why our center is ideal for seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia:

Nostalgic Setting

Town Square Perry Hall isn’t just a care facility; it’s a vibrant recreation of a mid-20th-century American town. Our themed spaces invoke pleasant memories of the good old days, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Innovative Therapy

We utilize reminiscence therapy, a proven approach that helps seniors recall and celebrate their life stories. By discussing memories, seniors gain self-confidence, reignite curiosity, and feel a strong sense of community. Reminiscence therapy even can lead to physical health benefits that come from reduced anxiety and stress.

Daily Enjoyment

Our center is a place where seniors can engage with peers in activities that mirror the careers, hobbies, and passions of their younger years.

With multiple themed environments, from a classic diner to an old-time movie theater, every day is a new opportunity for engagement and nostalgia.

Adaptive Programming

The senior care experts on our staff craft a schedule that caters to our members’ preferences, needs, and cognitive abilities. Adaptive programming allows our staff to celebrate our member’s abilities and support them where they need it through real-time programming modifications.

Customized Care

Town Square is a place where older adults can receive essential care services alongside engaging activities. This can include personal care tasks, such as grooming and showering, as well as services offered by our trusted community partners, such as physical and occupational therapy.

Experience Adult Day Programs in Baltimore County, MD with Town Square Perry Hall

Looking for a place where seniors are not just cared for but celebrated? Town Square Perry Hall is your destination. Our adult day program in Baltimore County, MD is designed to bring joy and community to every senior who walks through our doors.

Curious to learn more? Here’s what you can do:

  • Explore Our Programs: Get a closer look at the services and activities we offer.
  • Schedule a Visit: Contact us and see firsthand how vibrant each day is at Town Square Perry Hall.
  • Get In Touch: Our friendly team is always at hand to help and answer any questions you may have. Or view our FAQ page to see answers to the questions we usually get about our unique model of care.
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