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Below, find answers to many of the common questions people have about our adult day care model and our services.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

What are the benefits of adult day care?

Adult day care is a type of senior care where seniors are provided a safe environment and engaging activities on a daily basis, usually on weekday mornings and afternoons. Adult day care (which is distinct from both home care and assisted living) provides a space for seniors to socialize and be well-cared-for throughout the day, while also allowing them to remain living at home.

This can be a great option for families taking care of an elderly loved one, who need extra support during the day. Adult day care is typically more affordable than individual home care and assisted living, and if needed, it can also be arranged in conjunction with home care.

Adult day care helps seniors hold onto a degree of independence and allows them to enjoy fulfilling and vibrant daily lives.

Adult Day Care vs. Home Care or Assisted Living?

Adult day care is a great option for keeping your family’s senior care arrangement affordable and flexible, and it’s typically available at a significantly lower cost than assisted living or individualized home care.

It can also be integrated with home care if needed. For example, adult day care can be utilized throughout the day, so that individualized care is not needed 24/7. Or on the other hand, a personal caregiver can stay with a senior at adult day care to provide an extra level of care and engagement throughout the day.

Adult day care can be great for seniors of all ages and ability levels and especially meaningful to those who are currently living at home by themselves, or whose other household members work during the day.

Adult Day Care Programming and Activities

Adult day care typically provides daily activities that help seniors keep their brains sharp, maintain active social lives, and even sustain a healthy level of physical activity and movement.

The Difference at Town Square

At Town Square, we’re striving to take the benefits of adult day care programming to a higher level. Our daily programming is enriched by the design of our facility, which replicates a classic 1950s town and includes 12 unique activity spaces called “storefronts”.

Built into everything we do are reminiscing activities, based on the proven benefits of reminiscence therapy — an approach developed by Geroge G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers that encourages seniors to tap into memories from the formative years of their lives. This approach yields a series of mental and emotional benefits, especially for seniors experiencing dementia or memory loss.

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How much does adult day care cost?

As mentioned above, adult day care will typically save you money compared to individualized home care or assisted living.

Cost of Adult Day Care vs. Assisted Living

On an hourly basis, the costs of adult day care and assisted living may be comparable. However, adult day care does not take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so the monthly cost compared to assisted living is, in most cases, significantly less. For many families, this can be a no-brainer, as adult day care offers the additional benefit of letting seniors live in the comfort of their own homes, which can allow for more time spent with family and greater overall comfort.

Cost of Adult Day Care vs. Home Care

Compared to individualized home care (especially 24-hour services), the cost of adult day care is typically a fraction of the cost. You can integrate individual care or nursing with adult day care if you want to or need to, and at Town Square Perry Hall, you can also add additional services, such as transportation, “a la carte”, if you need those services to manage your family’s senior care arrangements.

What is involved in payment for adult day care?

At Town Square Perry Hall, you can sign up for full days (all weekdays, excluding major holidays), at a schedule that works best for you.

Other care options, such as private duty care, as well as transportation or on-site clinical services like physical therapy and many others, can be provided separately.

Our senior members’ personal caregivers and loved ones are welcome to join their loved ones at Town Square Perry Hall at any time. In addition, you can try our services at no cost by signing up for a tour at Town Square Perry Hall.

Can insurance help pay for adult day care in Maryland?

Often, our members can get financial assistance through long-term care insurance. In some cases, coverage is available through Medicaid or Veterans Assistance programs.

In addition, at Town Square Perry Hall, we offer a space for our members to meet with outside care providers, such as physical therapists or specialized medical providers, and our members’ health insurance can often help with the costs of those services.

Our members’ personal caregivers and loved ones are welcome to join their loved ones at Town Square Perry Hall at any time. In addition, you can try our services at no cost by signing up for a tour or a free day at Town Square Perry Hall.

What type of care is available at Town Square Perry Hall?

Behind our full schedule of daily programming and activities is a capacity for experienced senior care and certified medical care that can give you extra peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is in good hands throughout the day.

While our model is not designed to provide any form of ongoing intensive care, we can provide much of an elderly person’s essential daily care, such as medication management, monitoring of conditions, or assistance with tasks like eating and mobility.

As our members progress through stages of memory loss, we can provide them with high-quality memory care services, along with much of their needed physical and medical support.

Is there a nurse on staff in case of an emergency?

Yes, we have a certified RN or LPN available at all times to provide a level of medical expertise and the ability to respond quickly in case of an emergency.

In addition, all of our staff members are trained to provide an essential level of assistance and care to our members, and we maintain a strong staff-to-member ratio at all times.

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Memory Care at Town Square Perry Hall

We specialize in taking care of seniors who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. All our staff members are trained in compassionate and thoughtful ways to interact with a person with memory loss, and overall, we provide an environment that is engaging and fulfilling for someone who is living with dementia.

Coordinate your existing care at Town Square

As mentioned above, we can also provide a space for coordinating care with another specialist. That means, if you currently receive care with an outside provider for a service we don’t offer, we can provide a space at our facility for your loved one to meet with that provider and receive that care.

Coordinated care often includes, but is not limited to, the services of:

  • Audiologists
  • Podiatrists
  • Physical & Occupational Therapists
  • Physicians or Nurse Practitioners (medical appointments)
  • Counselors
  • Community Educators and Family Support Groups


Simply contact us and ask about making arrangements for coordinated care.

What are private duty care and custodial care?

Private Duty Care

Private duty care is personal care provided to an individual, to assist them with the activities of daily living. In addition to physical assistance, another benefit of private duty care can be a level of companionship and emotional support. Overall, this service is meant to help seniors to maintain or regain a sense of independence and happiness in their lives.

Custodial Care

Custodial care is a more advanced type of private duty care, involving assistance with activities such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed for the day, taking medication, preparing meals, transportation, accompaniment to events, bathing, and more.

Custodial care often becomes necessary when a person develops a disability or illness, including Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or physical disabilities related to aging.

Custodial care, however, does not include intensive or skilled medical care.

For elderly individuals, this care option is often utilized to help seniors remain living in the comfort of their own homes, while enjoying meaningful daily activities and maintaining a sense of independence, dignity, and respect.

What additional care services are available at Town Square Perry Hall?

In addition, your loved one can receive a wide range of personal or medical care services at Town Square Perry Hall.

Services provider by our staff include:

  • Medication management
  • Monitoring on health conditions and statistics (e.g. blood pressure)
  • Private duty and custodial care
  • Memory screenings
  • Pet Therapy


And more.

Does Town Square Perry Hall offer outpatient care?

At Town Square Perry Hall, you can use our space to coordinate care with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other third-party care providers.  Just arrange to meet with them during your day at Town Square.

In some cases, this means seniors can be discharged earlier from a rehabilitation facility, allowed to go home because they have a safe space to receive their required care.

Please contact our team to learn more about coordinated care, or to arrange an appointment at Town Square with your care provider.

What COVID-19 protocols do you follow at your facility?

Due to our emphasis on safety and quality care, as well as the health sensitivity of our population, we follow state guidelines when it comes to any requirements for Coivd, or any other concern to attend Town Square Perry Hall.

Face coverings are not required of our elderly members, though all are welcome to use them. Accompanying family members and caregivers are encouraged to wear face masks while visiting our facility, and our staff members wear face masks at all times.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s help in keeping our community healthy and safe.

What programming and activities do you provide at Town Square?

Our experienced staff and quality of care aren’t the only things that set Town Square Perry Hall apart from other adult day care centers.

We also provide a stimulating, engaging, and therapeutic schedule of daily activities — all in a facility that’s designed in the image of a 1950s-era American town. Our storefronts are themed activity spaces, where a unique set of daily activities is provided. They include a classic diner, a movie theater, and much more. (See our services page to learn more about our activities and storefronts.)

The result is an immersive experience that takes our members back to the primes of their lives. This is more than just a fun idea. It’s based in the latest research on the benefits of memory care and reminiscence therapy.

Memory Care and Reminiscence Therapy

What is memory care?

Memory care is any support specifically intended for individuals with memory loss. It is based on best practices that allow the care provider to understand the needs of someone with memory loss, while helping them reduce stress and achieve greater levels of happiness.

What is reminiscence therapy?

As individuals experience memory loss from aging, the first memories to be affected are usually near-term. Meanwhile, long-term memories, especially from a person’s teens and early twenties, are the ones that tend to stay strong and vibrant. For today’s senior population, those years took place in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Reminiscence therapy is a specific type of memory care involving activities that encourage seniors to recall and share stories from the formative years of their lives. This approach, pioneered by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, has been proven to provide a range of benefits for seniors, especially those with dementia.

Reminiscing can be done in conjunction with other therapeutic activities — like art, music, and storytelling — helping to ignite vital memories and conversations for a range of social, mental, and emotional benefits.

While it’s important to note that Reminiscence therapy hasn’t been proven to cure or prevent dementia, it has been shown to decrease anxiety and increase feelings of happiness. It can help seniors with dementia experience better social connections, improved attention span, and more restful sleep at night.

Memory Care and Reminiscence Activities at Town Square Perry Hall

Town Square’s model is pioneering a new type of adult day care in this country — based in meaningful memory care and reminiscence activities.

We work to fully understand the individual needs of all our members. Accordingly, our full schedule of reminiscence activities is coordinated to provide the greatest possible benefit to everyone in our community.

In addition, the 1950s-style design of our facility means that the reminiscence activities we provide are fully immersive. Throughout our space, our members will encounter songs, movies, shows, food, and physical items that reignite their most cherished memories. So whether it’s the ‘55 Chevy at Chumley’s Garage, a song on the jukebox at Rosie’s Diner, or a timeless film at the Starlite Theater — our members not only reminisce, but are able to truly relive and revisit one of the most important times in their lives.

Who can attend Town Square Perry Hall?

We welcome all seniors at Town Square Perry Hall. Our programming is suitable for seniors at a wide range of ability levels, including those with fully normal cognitive and physical function, as well as those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, physical conditions, or other impairments.

Our programming is customized to meet every individual’s interests and ability levels, ensuring that all members and social groups participate in activities appropriate to them.

We can serve members from any geographic location, especially those from Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Harford County, Maryland. Our location in Perry Hall, MD, is in Baltimore County — within 7 miles of both the Harford County and Baltimore City borders.

Can I attend with my loved one?

Of course! We are happy to accommodate family members and other caregivers, free of charge.

Is there transportation available?

If you or your loved one need help getting to and from Town Square Perry Hall, we provide transportation through a trusted partner. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a ride for you.

If you’d like to come see for yourself what the buzz is all about, please contact us here, complete our enrollment form, or call 410-847-2150.

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