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What Is an Adult Enrichment Center?
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What Is an Adult Enrichment Center?

What Is an Adult Enrichment Center?

An enrichment center for adults is a professional care setting where a variety of planned activities designed for older adults are hosted. People who are currently experiencing isolation, loneliness, or social disconnect can benefit greatly from an adult enrichment center such as Town Square. There are three types of adult day care centers, with each offering a different level of service to improve the quality of life for their members.

Social adult enrichment center

This is the most common type of adult day enrichment center, and will often be managed by your local council at a community center or a similar space such as a church or school. The types of care provided at an enrichment center are considered senior living solutions. But the majority of mature adults who attend them are still able to perform most, if not all, activities of daily living on their own, and are not at risk of wandering or falling.

The services provided are mostly social activities that provide meaningful engagement such as bingo, book clubs, discussion groups, playing board games, musical events, community activities, and field trips. They will also generally offer some element of light physical activity such as walking or guided exercise classes. The majority will also have a nurse on duty, although this type of enrichment center is not designed for those who need full-time care.

Medical adult enrichment center

Medical adult enrichment centers offer many of the same dynamic adult day programs as social enrichment centers, but with more sophisticated health services included for seniors that may need constant medical attention, including medication management. Participants have varying levels of mobility and cognitive abilities.

These individuals usually have a senior living provider to assist with daily living activities. The services provided include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medication, and general health monitoring. The physical activities offered will be guided by the participant’s level of mobility and cognitive ability.

Town Square specialized adult enrichment center

Town Square Perry Hall facilities fall into the third category of adult day centers, which are those that offer specialized care for senior citizens who struggle with cognitive decline and memory loss caused by dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s. The staff at Town Square are all trained and highly experienced in interacting with and caring for older adults with cognitive difficulties. Our model combines both the medical and social models, using an innovative concept based on a proven approach to memory care.

Town Square provides an immersive experience based on the reminiscence therapy model developed by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers. With facilities like a garden center and a movie theater that are modeled after a classic 1950s town, we provide era-specific activities such as period movies, newspapers, and magazines. Along with a nurse on duty at all times and our trained staff, we also provide space for coordinated care with another practitioner.

Town Square Perry Hall also offers the option of individual assistance or custodial care for our members, as well as integrated home and day care. Contact us to get more details on the services we offer, arrange a tour, or book a free day to experience everything Town Square has to offer.