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What Services Do Senior Centers Provide?
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What Services Do Senior Centers Provide?

What Services Do Senior Centers Provide?

You can think of a senior center as a type of community center where mature adults congregate to fulfill the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs that will lead to them having a better quality of life. They are a link to the local community resources available to senior citizens and are usually locally funded. Some may receive state and federal funding as well.

What are the benefits of senior centers for aging adults?

Senior centers offer thoughtful programming and services that are designed to promote positive aging. They do this by providing access to multiple resources that help mature adults stay independent and improve their quality of life.

They help seniors stay healthier for longer – Most centers for seniors offer ways for older adults to improve and maintain their overall health. These will include a variety of programs like social activities, recreational activities, special events, nutrition services, meal sites, wellness programs, basic health services, and transportation services.

They keep seniors engaged in the community – Most day senior centers will offer the opportunity to participate in a wide range of volunteer programs. The types of civic engagement opportunities vary but can include intergenerational programs, assisting with community events, and helping at animal shelters.

They provide information for senior resources – A large number of mature adults don’t take advantage of the resources available to them. This can be because they don’t know about them or it is confusing for them. Senior centers act as a link with all the information a participant may need, including legal assistance, supportive services, county programs, and more.

Senior centers compared to adult enrichment centers

It is important to note that while a senior center may offer similar programs to an adult enrichment center like Town Square Perry Hall, they are not the same thing. Senior centers are community-based programs that make it easier for older adults to access the local community resources available to senior citizens. They’re usually locally funded, but some may receive state and federal funding as well.

Adult enrichment centers are usually funded by specialized associations, third-party organizations, or are privately funded. The programs offered at an adult enrichment center are similar to those you can find at a senior day center, but they are tailored to the individual needs of its members as well as the goals of those who run them.

There is also a huge difference in the level of care provided and specialized services available. Most senior centers do not have medical care available, and cannot provide services to people with cognitive issues for that reason. Town Square, on the other hand, has on-site medical professionals available on-call and can provide for its members’ health needs at all times, in addition to engaging them socially. Take a look at our Services to explore the type of assistance we provide for older adults or contact us to learn more about Town Square Perry Hall or book a tour of our facilities.