Adult Day Care

Our Caring Adult Day Care Services

Our services are built with our members’ well-being always in mind. Town Square’s unique setting, built to replicate a ‘50s town in detail, lets us offer adult day care services like no other. Thanks to our vast service options, our members and their families benefit from comprehensive care, and every day at Town Square is relaxing, engaging, beneficial, and a lot of fun.

While our services vary by location, we always offer engaging and community-based adult day care at our senior day centers, delivered using clinically proven memory care research. You can find your location or contact us to learn more about medical or integrated care services that may be available at your local Town Square facility.

Learn more about what makes the programming of our adult day care services so special.


Our Model of Care

In the late 20th century, trailblazing Alzheimer’s researcher George G. Glenner worked on research that ultimately suggested patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia retained the best connections to their long-term memories from their late teens and 20s. This is the idea that underpins reminiscence therapy, an approach that was utilized in the Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers and adopted and refined by Town Square into our model of services. Everything we do is delivered in our unique setting, a faithful replica of the community landmarks of a 1950s American town.

At Town Square, we put the most up-to-date research on how to help people with cognitive disorders into action every day. Our locations, the items within them, and the activities we facilitate are carefully chosen to evoke potent sense memories, allowing our members to recreate their own connections to the past. Our staff is fully trained in dementia care and certified in conversational and social techniques that help individuals with memory difficulties to open up and engage with the world around them in a meaningful way. And we encourage peer-to-peer interaction as our members get to know each other and build supportive friendships by sharing the similar experiences that defined their young adult years.

Our Services – How They Help Our Members Thrive

Our programs are all uniquely designed by the activity coordination staff at each of our locations, with the local senior community and the wants of our members in mind. We aim to engage people of any interest and background, as well as any level of cognitive ability or memory loss, always keep our activity offerings fresh and exciting, and bring in local guests for special events and programs to give our members a one-of-a-kind experience.

While dementia and Alzheimer’s have no cure, the kind of positive remembrance and social engagement we facilitate at Town Square have proven benefits in symptom relief. Seniors with memory issues who receive reminiscence therapy have lower levels of stress and nighttime agitation, sleep better, and communicate with their family and friends better.

All of our locations are staffed by dementia care-certified professionals and are highly safe and supportive spaces for senior citizens with cognitive and other medical issues. Many Town Square facilities also offer a wide range of coordinated care options, including medical specializations (audiology, podiatry, and more), visiting nurse and physician appointments, and integrated home care and transportation. We are always working to offer as many helpful services as possible in each of our locations, and you can find your location to see details about what types of service that facility offers.


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    Our Storefronts and How They Work

    Our senior day center locations are divided into many themed areas called storefronts, each of which is custom-built to resemble a particular iconic ‘50s locale related to the activities we hold in that area. These storefronts are key to our members’ engaging days spent with us, and our activity coordination staff help guide them from storefront to storefront, encouraging participation, socialization, and learning.

    Here are just a few of the storefronts common to many of our locations:

    Rosie’s Diner

    Rosie’s Diner serves up meals and snacks to our members in a rollicking vintage diner-themed setting with a working jukebox.

    Starlite Theater

    The glitz and glamor of the silver screen in the ‘50s comes alive again at the Starlite Theater, where we host showings of classic films and TV shows as well as live performances, and encourage discussion and media appreciation.

    The Garage

    We display a restored vintage ‘50s muscle car at each of our Garage storefronts, where we help our members reminisce about the unforgettable road trips with friends that they loved to take during the mid-century.

    Our storefront setup allows us to hold a large variety of entertaining activities at any time – we pride ourselves on having many options to engage each and every member.

    See the rest of our storefronts!

    Get to Know Us In Person

    Ultimately, the best way to see the positive impact Town Square’s adult day care services have for our members is to come see us for yourself. We’re a community that’s always ready to welcome new friends, and we invite seniors to spend the day with us or just drop by with their families for a quick visit and chat about everything Town Square has to offer.

    All Town Square locations offer free tours for prospective members and their families and caregivers. 

    Schedule your tour today or contact us to learn more about your local Town Square.