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What are Some Local Activities for Senior Citizens?
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What are Some Local Activities for Senior Citizens?

As people get older, they often find themselves spending more and more time at home on their own. But this isolation is not good for your health and can easily lead to depression.

To maintain a high quality of life, many seniors enjoy spending time at senior centers (also called ‘senior day care facilities’ or ‘active adult centers’). Designed for those who wish to remain at home as they age, these centers offer a host of activities and programs.

Depending on your needs, you may seek out different types of senior centers. For example, some cater toward a primarily social aspect. Some provide a higher level of skilled medical care, and some specialize in programming for seniors with memory loss.

At Town Square Perry Hall, our model blends all three approaches, providing a safe and engaging space for members with a wide range of needs and abilities.

Active Games and Sports

A recent study published in Geriatric Nursing found that four out of five older adults prefer activities that are, well… active! A person’s favorite activities will depend on their level of mobility of course, but active games and sports give you the chance to maintain and improve your physical health while also stimulating the brain.

Here at Town Square, the heart of our senior community is Glenner Park. This is where our members can take part in open-space activities, join in special events, and watch (or host) live performances.

In addition, along with our other 13 storefronts, our Health Club provides more structured physical exercise, and the Game Room gives our members a space for mentally stimulating activities like card games, billiards, and more.

Learning a New Skill

At Town Square Perry Hall, our Learning Center, the Town Square Library, and our Art Studio have everything you need to master those skills you’ve always wanted to learn.

Art classes in painting, sketching, and other creative activities can fill your day with joy and creativity.

It’s never too late to learn a new area of knowledge or a new technology, and our Learning Center has a range of engaging experiences designed for our members.

These are just a few of the many services and activities we offer to enrich the lives of our community members. Whatever you’re interested in, we’re learning and creating every day at Town Square.

Town Square Perry Hall Has Activities for Everyone

Modeled after a classic 1950s town, Town Square senior centers offer an immersive experience around reminiscence therapy — a concept in memory care pioneered by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers that creates benefits for aging adults by tapping into memories of their formative years.
Within this engaging approach to senior day care, we provide activities such as:

  • Crafts, such as those at our Art Studio or Little Blue House activity rooms
  • Exercise, at our Wellness Center
  • Games, at our Recreation Center
  • Holiday parties and other celebrations
  • Music therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Reminiscence activities, throughout all our 13 activity rooms
  • And much more.

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When you first visit Town Square, we’ll take time to get to know you and your family. By learning about the specific needs and interests of our members, we can schedule activities to best serve all our community members.

Whatever your age or interests – we have many social activities and events to fill your days, make you laugh, and maintain joy in your daily life.
Give us a call to schedule a tour, sign up for a free day at Town Square Perry Hall, or learn more about local activities for seniors in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Harford County, MD.