How are Town Square’s daily activities different from other centers?

At Town Square our activities are designed to focus on a person-centered approach that encourages and invites members to purposefully participate called meaningful engagement. This includes actively contributing ideas, skills, and experiences, while recognizing that individual participation will vary depending on abilities. We believe that engaging in conversation and sparking memories is key to a successful activity.

What are the benefits of reminiscing?

In addition to providing purposeful activities throughout the day, we also focus on reminiscing and storytelling. Reminiscing occurs when a person shares a memory from the past. The goal of reminiscing is to help members feel valued, contented, and peaceful. It cannot reverse or stop the progression of memory loss, but stress reduction and positive feelings can improve mood, reduce agitations, and minimize challenging behaviors.

Our staff members are trained to look for opportunities throughout the day to spark memories and encourage storytelling. Each activity held in our storefronts includes conversation prompts to enrich the activity with meaningful conversations and memories.

For example, during the Beaded Bracelets activity, a Program Assistant may share a personal story related to the activity, such as, “I remember one Christmas, I made bracelets for everyone in my family as gift, using whatever I could find around the house. Have you ever made a homemade gift?”

During trivia in the Starlite Theater, a staff member may say, “Today we are playing movie trivia. Tell me about your favorite movie when you were growing up. Where did you first see it.”

Who can attend Town Square?

Most older adults will enjoy and benefit from the engaging and enriching experience of spending a day at Town Square. We offer a wide range of activities for different types of needs, abilities, and interests. Whether your loved one is experiencing the normal effects of aging or showing signs of cognitive impairment, Town Square offers something for everyone.

Who might benefit from Town Square?

Older adults who could benefit from our programs include those who: 

  • are seeking opportunities for socialization
  • are fairly mobile on their own or with the assistance of a cane or walker
  • have minor physical or cognitive challenges but do not require 24-hour supervision

What is Town Square doing to keep members safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The health and safety of our members is our top priority. We adhere to rigorous cleaning, disinfecting, and PPE standards as determined by per CDC guidelines. We have implemented social distancing practices in our centers and offer contactless drop off and pick up. All staff members undergo regular COVID-19 testing and are continuously trained and supervised on health and safety protocols. 

Why is Town Square set in the 1950s?

Studies have shown that our strongest memories are constructed between the ages of 10 and 30. This is when most people’s significant life events occur, such as graduation from high school and college, a first job, wedding, and birth of a child. A senior who is in their 80s today would have been in their late teens and early twenties during the 1950s.

How does Town Square work?

Various options exist for seniors to enjoy Town Square. Our members are assessed and placed in interest groups of up to 10 people who rotate through activities at the different storefronts during the day. Similar to the way that members rotated through classes in high school or college, seniors can enjoy 45 to 50 minutes in each storefront, or they can choose to remain in their favorite part of Town Square if they prefer. We also provide snacks and a delicious, catered lunch!

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