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Stimulating Games for People with Dementia

One of the best ways to maintain good cognitive function at any age is to stay physically, socially, and mentally active. For older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, engaging activities and exercise can have a profound effect on quality of life. Moreover, people without a cognitive health condition can reduce their risk with these same practices.

At Town Square, we focus on offering activities that aren’t just fun and socially engaging, but fulfilling, enriching, and beneficial in many other ways as well. Our specially- designed games and activities aim to exercise cognitive abilities and enhance emotional well-being as part of our reminiscence-based approach to adult day care. Contact us now to schedule a tour of your nearest location or read further to learn more about how games can help people who have dementia.

How Does Engagement from Games Benefit People with Dementia?

While one obvious benefit of playing games for those with dementia is relieving boredom and adding structure and purpose to the day, games are more than just a pastime. At Town Square, participation in varied games as part of our roster of activities means social connection with peers and our team, developing physical and mental skills, and gaining a sense of accomplishment each day.

The Role of Mental Exercise in Dementia Care

Just as physical exercise is important for bodily health, mental exercise is needed for optimal brain health. Mental stimulation works to build healthy brain cell reserves, which can help to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This means that a stimulated mind equates to better cognitive function.

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Continued Participation in Games to Benefit People with Dementia

According to studies, continued participation in mentally stimulating activities can delay cognitive and functional decline. Maintaining one’s preferred hobbies and staying socially involved are crucial steps to take. While adjustments might be necessary as dementia progresses, the same activities each person enjoys remain important for their quality of life. Read more below to see how Town Square’s model of care ensures inclusion for everyone through tailored activities.

What Are Some Effective Games and Activities for Stimulation in Those With Dementia?

The daily schedule at Town Square can include a diverse range of games and activities, each chosen for its ability to stimulate different aspects of cognition and engagement:

  • Reminiscence games encourage memory recall and the sharing of personal stories.
  • Puzzles, board games, word games, and card games promote problem-solving skills and cognitive sharpness.
  • Sensory activities, like arts and crafts, engage the senses and offer relaxation.
  • Music therapy provides emotional and memory stimulation through familiar melodies.

How Can Games Be Adapted to Suit Dementia-Related Challenges?

We recognize that dementia affects each person differently, and that each person’s capabilities are different. Our goal is to create a space that is inclusive, nurturing, and supportive.

Every member’s participation is valued and celebrated at Town Square, and that’s why we tailor each game and activity to ensure that everyone – including people with varied levels of physical and cognitive ability – can join in the fun and enjoy the benefits of engagement and community.

Our team takes great care in observing and understanding the abilities and preferences of each participant. This enables us to modify games in a way that maximizes participation while minimizing any potential frustration or discomfort. For example, we might use larger, easy-to-handle pieces in board games or create quieter, more relaxed settings for those who feel overwhelmed by too much stimulation.

We also involve family members and caregivers in understanding our members’ specific needs and past interests. This collaboration provides valuable insights that help us further personalize our approach.

Town Square Adult Day Care: Providing Engaging Activities Every Day

At Town Square Adult Day Care, we’re dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for our members. Our daily activities – from indoor lawn games to classic movie and music trivia, word games, and beyond – are thoughtfully selected to appeal to all interests, ensuring each individual finds joy and enrichment in their daily experiences with us. Contact us today for more information on how daytime enrichment care from Town Square can help you and your loved one.