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Adult Day Care vs Adult Day Healthcare
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Adult Day Care vs Adult Day Healthcare

If you or a loved one has decided to age at home but still want to maintain a regular and active social life, then a standard adult day care facility may be the solution for you.

But if you’re the family caregiver of a senior citizen with a medical condition, you may need access to a level of care not available at all adult day centers, and it may be too much work to handle everything yourself.

In these cases, an adult day healthcare center is often the best option to maintain a balance between your life and your loved one’s needs.

Nearly all adult day care centers offer social activities like art classes, games, meals, and more. For example, the adult day services at Town Square Perry Hall are designed to improve our participants’ general health, maintain their abilities, and improve their emotional health by helping them stay mentally, physically, and socially active.

In addition, an adult day healthcare facility like Town Square Perry Hall provides an extra layer of medical expertise.

Our licensed nurses can meet a wide range of medical needs and provide specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, we provide spaces for coordinated care, where you can meet with your third-party practitioner for appointments in speech therapy, physical therapy, and more.

What is the difference between adult day health care and adult day care?

Adult day care centers provide supervision and care for individuals during daytime hours, usually on weekdays and typically for senior citizens or younger adults with disabilities.

As mentioned, there are two main types of adult day programs.

  • Adult day care services offer supervision, physical activities, meals, opportunities to socialize, and monitoring of well-being.
  • Adult day healthcare (ADHC) takes the adult day model one step further by providing medical health services for those who require it.

What does an adult day care offer?

Adult social day care centers focus on enriching the daily living of their senior members by giving them access to an engaging social community. They offer the opportunity to join in various social, engaging, and therapeutic activities that allow members to enrich their overall quality of life.

For example, daily activities for seniors at Town Square Perry Hall include:

  • Creative expression through arts and crafts classes available at our Art Studio.
  • Gentle exercise and stretching such as chair yoga at our open-air Health Club.
  • Entertainment and events, such as musical performances, holiday gatherings, and birthday celebrations at the heart of our community, Glenner Park.
  • Nutritious meals and snacks at the 1950s themed Rosie’s Diner.
  • Discussion groups about books, films, or cultural events at the Starlite Theater or the Town Square Library.
  • Mental stimulation in the form of games available in our Game Center. Residents can also pick up a brand new skill at our Learning Center.
  • Games, such as those at our Recreation Center.
  • Celebrations of holidays, birthdays, and other joyous occasions.
  • Personal care services (like meal preparation, walking assistance, and more)

What do adult day healthcare centers offer?

Town Square Perry Hall is an adult day healthcare facility that, in addition to the adult day activities listed above, offers services specifically for older adults with medical and/or cognitive challenges. These services include:

  • Medication management
  • Health monitoring – such as blood pressure, food and liquid intake
  • Medical support for ongoing conditions
  • One-on-one care – for individuals who want or require it
  • Emergency first response

Our team has decades of experience in senior care and adult day care programming, along with degrees, certifications, and other credentials that ensure we’re offering the highest level of care.

With a licensed on-site nurse available at all times, experienced personnel in all of our storefronts, and a strong staff-to-member ratio — we’re a comprehensive resource in adult day care, adult day healthcare, memory care, and senior enrichment services.

Going a step further, with memory care and reminiscence therapy

In addition to adult day medical services, we specialize in reminiscence therapy. This is an approach to memory care developed by George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers that yields mental and emotional health benefits for seniors, especially those with memory loss, by tapping into the memories of their formative years.

Our facility resembles a classic American town from the 1950s (the era when most of our members were in their teens and early twenties). Members can read ‘50s papers at Phil’s Newsstand, enjoy classic movies at the Starlite Theater, browse period magazines at the Town Square Library, or enjoy a milkshake at Rosie’s Diner — which resembles a diner where they might have had a first date or gone out with friends.

Get Quality Adult Day Healthcare at Town Square Perry Hall

At Town Square Perry Hall, everything we do is built on quality, specialized senior care and adult day medical services. This is the foundation that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind while you enjoy the enriching and engaging experience we’ve created to give seniors a fulfilling quality of life.

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us to schedule a tour, sign up for a free day at Town Square Perry Hall, or learn more about how our adult day healthcare center serves seniors from Harford County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City, MD. So please, if you have any questions about what our senior enrichment center doeswhat our senior activities for locals arehow we redefine adult medical day care, or how our adult day cares differs from an adult healthcare we will gladly introduce you into to the future of adult day care.